Can Sleep Heal My Ailments?

WELL, yes!

Are you feeling tired even after a good sleep of 8 hours? Ever wondered why is that so? Well, your sleeping position is the only reason!

Research shows that a normal person sleeps about 210,000 hours of his life. Many woke up fresh, but the majority is seen complaining about some common ailments of neck pain, lower back pain, jaw pain, stiff shoulders, etc. This is merely due to wrong sleeping positions.

Science shows that while we sleep deep, our head can fall into an inappropriate position putting stress on neck and back muscles. This may result in severe pain on different portions like lower back, upper back, shoulders, etc. however, if left untreated, the problem can become chronic leading to severe problems. I have gathered some really important points regarding this topic under the assistance of Dissertation Writing Service UK Magazine. This post will guide you that how your most common post-sleeping issues can be treated by simply correcting your posture.

Neck pain

If you are the one suffering through annoying neck pain every time you wake from the sleep with a hidden desire to get up fresh, you must look for in your sleeping position. People having such an ailment are advised to use standard pillows that are not too stiff and not too soft as well. Additionally, they must sleep on their backs or else on their sides.

However, they must consider using a pillow that is not too high. It must match with neck and back to keep it in an appropriate position for the whole night long and avoid unnecessary movement.

Lower back pain

People getting up with lower back pain in the morning must look in for two things for the cure;

Firstly, the mattress. Secondly, the sleeping position.

Considering to the mattress, one must choose a firm mattress with infused box springs. You must not go with the one that sags.

Then considering the sleeping position, there are typically two best postures for people facing it. Firstly, try sleeping on your side if you have slight pain. Make sure you bent your knees slightly, and just for more comfort, you can also put a pillow between your knees but try not to bent/fold your legs up to the chest. Secondly, if you have chronic lower back fatigue, first of all, it is best to sleep in the position that conforms to the natural curve in your spine, says Vertos Med Cleveland. Doing so, many people found best to sleep on their back, try putting a pillow under your knees and a lumbar roll under the small of your back.

These people are mostly habitual of sleeping on their stomachs for prolonged years.

Snoring and sleep apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea are two sleeping disorders that are likely to affect a person’s health adversely in the long term. So, if you are the one facing it, you seriously need to look into it!

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which a person experiences a fluctuating breathing pattern. This means that breathing under this disorder is not regular and healthy; it starts and stops. The only cause is the collapsed airway. It leaves a person tired even after a perfect sleep of 8-9 hours. It is observed that the sleeper sleeps in chunks throughout the night and feel tired he wakes up every time

Sleepers facing issues of snoring and sleep apnea are best advised to either sleep on their stomach or sides. Both the positions will allow proper flow of air so the breathing pattern would not be disrupted. Additionally, we advise first to try to sleep on your side in such a case and only if it doesn’t work, then you may go with stomach sleeping. Sleeping on your stomach should be your last choice since it will cause lower back pain in the long-term.

Acid reflux or heartburn

People often don’t recognize the fact that having heartburn right after you wake up is because of your sleeping position.

People having repeated issues of acid reflux are advised to stay conscious for their sleeping positions. Such patients are advised to sleep on their left sides only. This is because when a person falls asleep on this side, the stomach acid doesn’t flow into the esophagus and prevents heartburn but how? Well, sleeping on your left side allows the intersection point of the esophagus and stomach to lie above the gastric acid level due to which the stomach acid doesn’t travel into the esophagus causing heartburn.

Shoulder pain

The majority wakes up complaining about stiff shoulders and severe pain. The reasons can be many ranging from post-workout side effects, direct exposure to cold breeze/AC thrust, or a game. Apart from these, sleeping in the wrong position is also a common cause.

People typically sleeping on their sides face these issues. Actually what happens is that during sleep shoulders bear the weight of your entire body or else the head weight is imposed on your upper arms making your shoulders muscles stiff while placing stress on tendons. Tendon is a very delicate tissue, and any stress over it causes stiffness, inflammation, and severe pain.

However, it is senseless to shift on your other side. It will do nothing except for shifting the pain to the other shoulder, and you will be unable to move at all. Such patients are best advised to sleep on their backs.


A relaxed sleep is a must to have for proper functioning throughout the day if your sleep is not appropriate or you feel the fatigue even after a standard sleep of around 8-9 hours, you are not sleeping healthy!

Implement the above tricks and notice how they benefit you from perils of wrong sleeping position.