Can a Smartphone Pave the Way to Better Health? UAB Kilo Grupe Thinks So

Smartphones and Healthcare: Kilo Health Talks About How to Make Technology Work for Us

Smartphones can sometimes get a bad reputation, but the reality is that this technology can be used for whatever we want to make of it. Kilo Health talks about how it can be a powerful device to remind us to treat ourselves a little better.

While no one is debating the ubiquity of smartphones, plenty of people are debating whether they’re a source of good or bad in this world. Can they help people lead better lives or are they just a constant source of distraction? Kilo Health, a digital healthcare leader, sheds light on how this technology can be used to improve an individual’s habits and health.

Working with People

Kilo Health has made a name for itself by working with people. The modern world is stuffed with external problems that the human body was never designed to handle. From social media to processed foods to pollution, the reality is that we’re not always equipped to handle both the physical and emotional pressures we face on a daily basis. Yet despite this, medical advice has largely remained the same for patients — even as this guidance continues to fail for countless people.

Kilo Health looks at what people do and what they respond to. Instead of going against the grain, they ask what it will take to capture the imagination of the average person. If everyone has a smartphone, the company might as well create technology that really strikes a chord.

The Products of Kilo Health

Apps from Kilo Health tackle a variety of mental and physical conditions from an educational standpoint. These products offer helpful information that can ultimately empower the user to take more of an interest in the small steps it takes to meet much bigger goals.

The best part is that people can access everything from their smartphones, giving users a powerful way to connect with their progress whenever and wherever they need it. From Cardi.Health monitoring your cardiovascular health to Kilinio providing valuable support for managing diabetes, having the right tools on your side can make all the difference.

Some people might be skeptical of these virtual tools. After all, who needs to be on their phone more than they already are? Yet to dismiss the efforts of UAB Kilo Grupe is to dismiss how an entire culture has changed in the span of just a decade.

These products are made for real people with real problems. Patients who are used to bursts of motivation only to abandon their efforts a week later can use these apps to help them improve their health bit by bit. By encouraging consistency, setting manageable goals, and making everything available on a smartphone, Kilo Health’s products have already made a positive impact on many of its users.