Buying your dream house in the South of Spain

Buying a luxurious house in Spain is a thought that has crossed many of  our minds  a few times, but that not many people dare to achieve. It does not matter if you are planning to move to the country or to simply buy a holiday home, the South of Spain has a certain charm you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. Finding your dream house in a foreign country may seem complicated at a first glance, but thanks to experts in real estate like the company Home Run Brokers, you will not be able to believe how simple the process of buying a new luxury house can be.

Simplify the process by trusting experts in the market

Buying a new property, especially a luxurious one, is not a decision we should take carefully. After all, it is not a small investment. Things get especially tricky when we play to buy properties in a foreign country like Spain, since aspects like the language barrier or lack of knowledge about local real estate markets can really take a toll on our ability to find our dream house. Thankfully, a Marbella real estate company like Homerun Brokers can really help ease this process.

Homerun Brokers is a real estate company based in Marbella, one of the most exclusive areas in the South of Europe. Marbella is a very cosmopolitan area that attracts people from all around the world, hence why the team of Homerun Brokers offer fluid assistance in English, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French and German. Their real estate and marketing teams have over 65 years of experience behind their backs to vouch for them. All these years of experience has made them true experts not only in traditional selling and buying services, but also in investment management. They are perfectly knowledgeable in the local market trends, making them the perfect company to assist you on your plans to buy a new residence, a holiday home or to do some property investment.

Their exclusive portfolio of landlords, network agents and brokers gives Homerun Brokers access to the most exclusive properties that will fit into any budget, ensuring that they will find the house that perfectly fits your needs. They also have contacts in diverse fields, such as tax advisors, which will help greatly to ease the process of settling in Marbella or in the areas nearby.

Trusting in a company like Homerun Brokers is by far the smartest choice if you are planning to check the Marbella’s real estate market, allowing you to avoid any unnecessary headache this process could give otherwise.

Buying a luxurious villa or renting a flat in Malaga

Over the last few decades, Malaga has been a clear favourite among visitors wanting to experience the South of Spain to its fullest potential. This province is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea in an area that is known as the Coast of the Sun due to the abnormal amount of sunny days that bless it every year (over 340 days per year!). Malaga, the city that gives this province its name, is full of welcoming people, beautiful beaches, stunning monuments and an extensive cultural offering, making it not only the perfect place to spend your next holidays, but also to start a new life by moving permanently.

Homerun Brokers have a wide catalogue of properties available for rental or purchase in Malaga and the surrounding areas. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you will be able to safely rent Malaga exclusive apartments to get a taste of it, and once you fall in love with it (because you will), then take the big step and purchase your new house or holiday home. These flats offer the highest standards for luxury living, with all the commodities you could dream of and the most innovative designs. They are located in the most exclusive part of the city and all of them come with breathtaking panoramic views of the whole sea line.

But if you are looking for something bigger, permanent and even more luxurious, we strongly recommend you check out Malaga luxury villas for sale. These villas are located near the beach in the most exclusive urbanizations the city has to offer, making them the perfect option for a forever home. Most of these villas have sea views, a private pool and everything you could ever dream of.

Overall, if you want to experience the South of Spain in the most exclusive way, Malaga’s flats and luxurious villas are the way to go.

Experience luxury like never before in Marbella

Marbella is the most exclusive place in the whole province of Malaga. What originally was a small fishing town has switched during the last decades and turned into the Mecca of luxurious tourism. If you are looking to live in one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world, surrounded by all the luxury and exclusive spots you could dream of, then we strongly recommend you check out the many Marbella luxury villas for sale Homerun Brokers has to offer.

These villas are located in the most exclusive areas of Marbella, such as The Golden Mile. Properties in this neighbourhood are full of tropical gardens and have the most modern designs, with most of them offering views to the sea and their own private pools. If you purchase a luxurious villa in this neighbourhood, you will be within walking distance from golf courses, gourmet restaurants and the most exclusive shops.

Overall, if you are looking to acquire a new property either in Malaga or in Marbella, Homerun Brokers is the way to go. Thanks to their extensive portfolio of luxurious properties for sale or rent, you will be able to enjoy the South of Spain like you always dreamed of. So do not look any further, contact their team of experts today and make a reality of this dream in an easier way than you ever imagined.