Bodybuilding and Arimistane: Usage Of Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione

What is the first image that pops in your head when you hear the word “bodybuilding”? Let me guess. You see a puffed-up man with muscles so big that you’re just waiting for them to burst. And then you think to yourself: “No, thanks, this is not what I want”.

This is a common misconception about bodybuilders. Another one is the belief that they are not very healthy. But, in fact, bodybuilders are simply people trying to shape their bodies. Sure, this can mean growing those great muscles, but the point is – it doesn’t have to. Look at this.

Of course, deciding to do this means a lot of hard work. And I mean, A LOT. Furthermore, it takes some time to build your muscles and achieve the desired effects. But, if you don’t start seeing results after a while, that just goes to show that your approach is wrong.

Today, however, there are products that can help you achieve the mentioned results a bit more quickly. If patience is not your strong side, then you definitely want to know about supplements. Aside from protein supplements and weight gainers, there is a product that works wonders by getting rid of excessive estrogen levels in your body.

Arimistane Defined

Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione, or simply called Androsta or Arimistane, is a potent and powerful aromatase inhibitor that keeps your estrogen level in check and subsequently boosts testosterone. This is important in bodybuilding because increased levels of testosterone help you not only burn excess body fat but also gain strength and develop muscles. As a worldwide distributed product, it is known to be used by both men and women.

Learn more about Arimistane:

Androsta is known to be a completely naturally occurring substance. It simply works on balancing your levels of the two most important hormones in your body, the one known as male, and the other known as a female hormone. This leads to an increase in your energy and more efficient workouts.


When using any kind of supplements, the first thing you should do is check if they can have any serious consequences on your health. This product is listed in the class of controlled substances. However, research has shown that it is completely safe. In addition to research, there are many long-time users who will confirm that they had no side-effects connected to this drug.

Of course, you have to be careful. Primarily, that means that you shouldn’t overuse the product. Your doses should be moderate and you should avoid mixing it with other drugs before consulting an expert or at least reading this link together with a couple more. When it comes to your health, you can never be careful enough.


As I have mentioned above, you have to know how to properly use Arimistane. If you overdo it, you are bound to have some side-effects. On the other hand, if you don’t use it enough, you might as well not waste your money and stop taking it altogether.

When first starting out, in order not to completely crash your estrogen levels, you are advised to take low dosages. So, given that the optimal dosage is between 25mg and 75mg a day, as a beginner you should stick with a 25mg dose for a while. This way, you will be able to see how it affects your body and to notice any reactions you might have.

After you notice the boost in strength and performance, and you become comfortable enough with this product, start by slowly increasing the dosage. First, go with 50mg a day. Then, repeat the same mind process you went through when you started with the lowest dose and if you feel that you would benefit from another increase, start using the highest, 75mg per day.

Androsta is known to be a great estrogen blocker. It raises your natural myotropic state, reduces fat storage and helps you get the body of your dreams. Of course, if you want to be sure you are getting the most out of it, as well as avoid unwanted consequences, you have to know how to use it properly.

Main Benefits Overview

Let’s see what we have learned so far. Arimistane falls under the category of aromatase inhibitors. It works by decreasing the levels of estrogen in your body, thus raising testosterone and giving you enough strength and energy for a powerful workout. Here are some of its main benefits:

  • Reduces the storage of fat in your body
  • Improves vascularity
  • Helps you gain muscle mass
  • Boosts your performance and allows for a better and faster recovery period

In addition to this, you should remember to be safe and use the product in a responsible manner. I know you probably want quick results. But, be patient. And, if you do everything the right way, your progress will not go unnoticed.

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