Automotive Accident Analysis: Here’s what causes Vehicle Accidents

Over the decades, there have been numerous studies of auto accidents and why they frequently occur. Vehicle collisions occur nearly every day, and billions in damages have been reported in terms of vehicle destruction, property damage, medical bills for people who sustained injuries, and loss of life. It is, therefore, essential to understanding the specific factors that lead to these collisions and how drivers can avoid these events.

Though not everyone involved in a car crash suffers injuries or ends up dead, there are pedestrians and other road users that may be affected by accidents. Thousands of victims suffer injuries and property damage just because the driver was reckless, driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, and other similar factors. Understanding the top causes of road accidents, according to Naqvi Law, could keep you from getting into trouble with the law, personal injury lawsuits, and ruining your driving record.

Reckless driving, speeding, and using a mobile phone while driving

Most drivers can drive at the recommended speed and be careful simultaneously. But there are some car operators that are reckless and enjoy driving at extremely high speeds. These people no longer care about other road users and never heed caution. Under these circumstances, automotive crashes are inevitable. And these reckless drivers are responsible for vehicle collisions.

Other drivers send text messages, make phone calls and use their phones in other ways while driving. The moment you take your eyes off the road, chances are that you will run into another vehicle. Coupled with speeding and reckless driving, using a phone while on the road is one of the top causes of road accidents.

Fatigue, driving under the influence of drugs and distracted driving

Studies show that driving while distracted is among the top causes of accidents. Some of the common distractions include smoking reaching for objects in your car, loud music, eating, and looking at other things while driving. Distractions shift your focus from the road to other things, and that means you are likely to collide with other road users.

Fatigued drivers might slip into a snooze or get distracted due to the lack of energy. If you feel so tired to drive, that means you’re incapable of making sound decisions that could keep other road users safe. Drunk drivers are known to cause many road accidents, an issue that leads to vehicle damages and loss of life. If you have been drinking for hours or you’re under medication that could impact your driving abilities negatively, it’s best that you don’t drive.

Bad weather and construction

Bad weather slicks roads just like oil, and that means vehicles can easily skid even when the driver applies brakes properly. Other issues like ice, hail, high winds that move cars, and excessive rain. Additionally, construction zones are not market or indicated properly, drivers might be prone to running or falling off the road. These circumstances may also result in multiple-vehicle collisions.