A Look At The Great Movie Car Race

Source: Jill Wellington on Pixabay

Everyone has a favourite car – even if you aren’t big into automotives, you’ll still likely have a go to make and model that you like the look of. Have you ever watched a film and thought that you absolutely loved the look of one of the cars featured? Whether it’s the classic Thunderbird of Thelma and Louise or one of the hot megacars of the James Bond series of films, movie cars are a great way to get introduced to different vehicles. If you’ve ever been curious about how different cas match up to each other, shows like Top Gear often measure up two cars against each other on the race track to check top speeds and how fast they get to 60mph as well as other features. Not able to watch TopGear in your area, or just aren’t a fan of the show? No problem. You can find out how different movie cars match up against each other in this great short film released by LeaseCar UK

Our Favourite

While many people may favour super cars like the Ferrari, Aston Martin or Mustang, our personal favourite is the classic 70s Thunderbird from the likes of Thelma and Louise. Not only is this open-top car a real beauty of 70s design, but something about the style and its association with this particular film means that it screams freedom, camaraderie and sisterhood. The main theme of the film is deep friendship and sisterhood, so this car perfectly encapsulates friendship, the open road and freedom. 

Our Projections

Once we saw the other contenders in this particular competition, we have to say that we aren’t too sure that our Thunderbird will be beating out the competition. There’s some serious competition in this race, with other contenders like the Aston Martin and the Ferrari. Although both are somewhat older models, we’re not expecting the Thunderbird to hold a candle to either given their rather impressive history and reputation as being powerful beasts of cars that have serious power behind them. 


While – of course our favourite – the Thunderbird – didn’t stand a chance at first place, it measured up about midway between the slowest and fastest. When put against some of the contenders that it was, it’s no surprise it placed where it was, but we were surprised it didn’t come a bit higher. After all, it managed to outrun a bunch of cops in the film, so shouldn’t it perform a bit better? Well, we think it should, but alas, it was about 6th out of ten. Not the best in our books, but not horrible either. 

Which movie cars do you like? Have you ever thought about the great #MovieCar Race and who would win when all the vehicles of the great films are put up against each other in the ultimate battle of speed and power? Who do you think you would like to see in a movie car race? We’d love to hear your thoughts about this particular race as well as other cars you think would beat out the top spot – something we won’t reveal to you here. Share your thoughts in the comments below!