A Better Understanding of Prop Bets

Gambling casino Australia has a lot of fun aspects to it. Proposition (Prop) bets are some of those fun ways of cooling off the steam after an intense sports betting session.

Prop bets are a fun way of getting that excitement and entertainment you need during the match. For those who like showing off. This will be the best time to show off all your knowledge of a particular sport.

What is Prop Bets

These are bets of what will possibly happen or not happen during the game. However, this does not really have anything to do with the actual game outcome. These are just a fun way to while up time during a match.

Here are a few examples of prop bets you can come across in soccer betting:

  • A Bet on the First team to score.
  • Which player will score the winning goal?
  • The possible number of yellow cards to be handed out.
  • Which team will start with the ball?

Fun Prop Bets

Fun prop bets are more on the entertaining side of prop betting at best payout online casinos. There is no need for you to be actually skillful to make this bet. It is all about getting the laughs out of it all.

Here are a few examples of fun prop bets you can come across:

  1. Whether or not Wayne Rooney will insult someone.
  2. Who will probably fake an injury as always?
  3. Will Alex Ferguson stop chewing his gum during a match?
  4. Will the coaches shake hands after the match?

Skill Prop Bets

These require you to have a little knowledge of the teams playing.  These are mainly there to provide excitement and give you that easy real money win. Unlike the fun prop bets, you should at least have expertise when it comes to

Here are examples of skill prop bets:

  • How many goals will a playerscore?
  • How many players will score a goal?
  • Will the game end in a tie?