Car insurance in Norway – how much can it cost and what types are required?

For many of us, the car has the same level of importance as the house. Insuring it against the influence of some unexpected events is crucial if you don’t want to expose yourself to the danger of financial loss. How does it work in Norway?

Norway remains a popular destination within expats for many decades. The well-functioning economy, unspoiled countryside, extensive social welfare system – all this makes this Scandinavian country a perfect place to settle down. Unless you are living in the center of Oslo, the car will be quite helpful in Norway. Even though the local train system is well-developed in most of the bigger agglomerations, many areas are accessible only by car. If you decide on buying a car in Norway or registering the one you already have in the country, it is really important to take care of the insurance. Norway is a relatively safe country with rather a low percentage of accidents, but better safe than sorry. Besides, the accident is not the only case that the insurances include – the others are connected to robbery or damages.

Obligatory car insurance in Norway

Most of the European countries require obligatory car insurance, which covers your civil liability. The OC is also required in Norway – driving without it, you risk quite significant consequences. Every day without valid insurance may cost you 150 NOK – a quite big amount of money. Investing in good protection can not only help you avoid the financial consequences but make you feel more secure. Usually the best option is an insurance pack, which includes not only OC/AC but also other insurance policies¬† Among the most popular voluntary ones, there’s KASKO. It protects the vehicle against the various risks including natural disasters, theft, fire or breakdown as a result of a crash. Usually, when buying a premium car insurance pack, at first you have to pay the almost double rate which can reach 900 NOK. The next ones will be two times lower.

Checking if your insurance policy is active

If you have already bought the insurance pack and you are not certain if it still applies, try logging in to TFF (TRAFFIKFORSIKRINGSFORENINGEN). Using their database, you will easily check if your insurance policy is active. Protecting your car against the accidents of various nature is essential as it gives you and your passengers a sense of security and protects you from financial loss. Buying only the obligatory one may be the cheapest option, but not necessarily the best.

Article prepared in cooperation with LOCALMARKET.