8 Must Have Fashion Items for a Safe and Relaxing Hike

Are you a fan of outdoor activities? If you are, one of the things that you’ll probably love is hiking. Hiking usually includes long walks on trails or off trails. You can do this activity regularly if you want, so check out https://www.globosurfer.com/ for good quality hiking gear.

Hiking can be fun, but you have to wear the proper outfit for it. You can’t just go hiking in a short dress and stilettos. Some of the trails can be rough, and you might end up twisting your foot or worse. If you’re a newbie to hiking, here are some useful but fashionable suggestions for your hiking wardrobe.


Wear a hat that’s big enough to protect your face and ears from the glaring heat of the sun, but not large enough to block your view while you’re hiking. It’s essential to protect your neck and face because these parts are prone to sunburn due to your exposure to the sun for several hours.

If you don’t want to wear full-brimmed hiking hats, you can go for a baseball cap. It’s simple, but it’s also easier to pair with your clothes.

Bandanas are also great options as head covers, and they’re fashionable, too. You can coordinate the colours and patterns of your bandana with the rest of your hiking outfit. You can also put it around your neck to help absorb your sweat. Buff Headwear is also an excellent alternative for bandanas.


Don’t wear cotton when you’re hiking. It will absorb your sweat, and your shirt will end up sticking to your skin. You’ll also feel cold if the wind is blowing hard because of your wet shirt. Wear lightweight Summer Shirts with moisture wicking. Merino wool is an excellent fabric which keeps you fresh during your hike, hides possible body odour, and it also allows you to move freely.

You can go for long-sleeved shirts if you want to keep your skin safe from scratches or sunburn. Long Sleeve Shirts like this merino base layer are a good option for hiking because the usual long-sleeved shirts will make you uncomfortable if you’re hiking during summer.


Look for a lightweight and waterproof jacket. You might encounter unexpected weather while you’re hiking, so it’s better to be prepared. Uniqlo sells Ultra Light Down jackets and vests for women. These are perfect for a hiking trip. You can select from a variety of colours and sizes, making it more convenient for you to find one which fits your fashion style.


You have to know what kinds of terrain you’ll be hiking in. It’s more comfortable to wear shorts during summer because you can move your legs freely. Make sure to check the area’s weather if you’re planning to wear shorts. Otherwise, you’ll end up shivering from the cold.

If you’re going through an area with thick bushes, it’s best to wear pants particularly if you’re allergic to some plants. You can’t stop and check all the plants on your path so that you might have an allergic reaction in the middle of your hike.

For men, Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge II Convertible Pants is an excellent choice for hiking. These pants can turn into shorts if ever you feel too hot while hiking. Prana’s Stretch Zion offers pants for women which are both fashionable and comfortable for hiking.


One of the biggest mistakes newbie hikers make is by wearing open sandals and flip flops when hiking. If they can finish their trek, they’ll always end up with the conclusion of the importance of socks and shoes during hikes.

Wear comfortable socks. Otherwise, you’ll get painful blisters from your hiking trip. You can’t enjoy your trip as well if your socks trap too much heat. Try wearing socks that are made out of light materials such as cotton and other synthetic fibers. These socks are custom-made for summer, and it keeps your feet cool. You’ll feel comfortable while you’re hiking.


Hiking boots are perfect for hiking even if it’s more massive than the average shoes. However, you have to make sure that it’s durable. Your shoes need to last throughout the entire hiking trip, and you can’t walk barefoot if your boots get destroyed along the way.

Always go for waterproof if you’re not familiar with the trail or if it suddenly rains. Keen offers hiking boots for women. Keen has excellent arch support for your feet so that you won’t have sore feet or blisters after your hiking trip. For men, Merrell has the Phaserbound Waterproof Boots, which has a contoured footbed and odor control feature.

Accessories and Other Wearables

Lastly, don’t forget to wear your accessories when you’re out hiking. Relevant wearables such as watches are a must if you want to have a smooth trek ahead. Smartwatches, in particular, can help you track your campsite, your current location, and can tell you the weather. Some smartwatches can even monitor your heart rate during long treks.

If you prefer being old school and love looking good while hiking, try wearing a simple yet elegant swiss military watch. Although it doesn’t have any features like a smartwatch, these types of watches can make you look good. Some also have compasses on them, which is a big plus if you really want to hike the old fashioned way.

Hiking Bag

When you’re going hiking or camping, it’s always best that you bring supplies. If you’re going to rely on your pockets alone, then you must be crazy. Always bring a reliable hiking bag that can carry all your stuff. Hiking bags are a must if you want to go for long treks and journeys because they can carry a lot more.

You should also know how to pack your stuff to maximize your bag’s capacity. Believe it or not, experienced hikers can thrive for days on the things they bring for a single journey. All it takes is some smart packing and a reliable bag.


Hiking is a fun activity to try out, but you have to make sure that you wear the proper clothes for it. Put on a hat for sun protection. Wear your lightweight shirt so it won’t bother you while you’re hiking. Wear shorts or pants, whichever feels the most comfortable. Make sure that you get the proper shoes and socks to avoid feet pain and blisters.