7 Reasons to Pay Taxes In Brisbane


Our capital, Brisbane, is the most densely populated city in Queensland with a population of over two million true blues. It boasts the third most inhabitants of all the cities in Australia, so it’s no woop woop. Situated in southeast Queensland, it spans over sixteen thousand kilometers here on the coast.

I say all that to point out what a huge population and massive land area Brisbane encompasses. Brisbane, just like any other large metropolitan area, also has a large population for whom it must furnish the modern amenities of a civilized society. This is done primarily with taxation. TW Accounting Brisbane lists seven compelling reasons below for paying taxes here in Brisbane.

The First Reason: Free Conveniences? Nope!

These amenities we enjoy are not free. They are costly in terms of dollars and man hours required to maintain them all. Have you ever thought about how much it costs to build just one paved road?

What about our water and sewer systems? They are all essential for modern living, but again, they cost money both to build and to maintain.

Where do you think all that money comes from? It comes from us, the people who enjoy the use of these amenities. The government collects it in the form of taxes, multiple kinds of taxes.

Reason Number Two: Pay More and Get More

Australians as a whole pay more taxes than Americans. And what do we get for that price tag? We are listed among the top three countries in the world for best quality of life.

In the three broad categories: life expectancy, amount of schooling and overall quality of life, we came in at number two overall. America rated number eight by this same metric.

Thirdly: It’s the Law

All civilized societies with a modern level of living pass tax laws. These laws are not punitive in nature, but they are necessary to finance the excellent infrastructure we all enjoy. Within any given societal structure, the tax burden must be shared to ensure the total bill does not rest on the few.

For those who wish to enjoy the advantages without paying their fair share of the tax burden we all are responsible for, there are harsh fines and other penalties. These deterrents serve a bi-fold purpose. They catch and punish tax evaders, and they serve as encouragement for those of us who wish to avoid legal problems.

Without tax laws, our tax system would be ineffective and practically non-existent. All we enjoy now would quickly deteriorate. The Brisbane we all love would disappear.

Fourth: Pay As You Earn

Australia’s tax system is similar to America’s in that it is a pay-as-you-earn system. Taxes begin to be assessed after the employee earns a certain amount.

These deductions from each paycheck are applied toward the particular tax payer’s total tax bill. This system dramatically lowers the burden a single, huge, year-end tax bill would create.

Your tax bill is broken up into smaller payments over the course of the year and the amounts paid are based on personal earnings. As you earn more, you pay more in proportion.

Our system of flat fees at certain levels plus a percentage for each dollar earned over the tax bracket threshold makes up our personal tax bill.

As an example, if you earned $18,201 up to $37,000, you would not pay a level amount plus a percent. You would only pay 19 cents per $1 over the $18,201.

However, if you earned more than $37,000, you would pay a corresponding level amount of $3,572 plus 32.5 cents for every dollar over the $37,000 threshold. At the third level of income, the taxpayer would pay a $19,822 fee plus 37 cents for every dollar over $87,000.

Number Five: Fair Distribution System

Fellow Australians can also be reassured that their taxes set aside for the lower income earners are well managed. A full 40 percent of these funds are paid to the lowest 20 percent of low income earners. The lowest income earners get the biggest share of these funds to offset their low wages.

You will also be encouraged to know that those who receive these funds have been verified to be the ones in greatest need. They must show a genuine need to receive these relief funds. The wealthier citizens will obviously qualify for less support in this system.

Reason Six: Government Services

Many people have a tendency to think that if the government supplies a service or resource it is free. No government service or program or resource is free.

The government has no money it does not collect from its constituents through taxation. The government merely re-allocates the tax funds collected. It distributes them per the budget allowance for each government-run service or resource.

The three or four main areas that get the bulk of tax dollar attention are: schools, infrastructure like roads, railways, waterways and parks. To get a more specific outline of our tax structure,

The single-payer health system, social security and national defence make up the remainder of government-run services and provisions. Your taxes fund all these to make Australia better for all its citizens.

Every one of these government services must have employees. A goodly portion of all government spending is to pay people who work in these agencies that provide these services.

The Seventh Reason: Civic Duty

Every Brisbane resident has a duty to help support the level of lifestyle we all enjoy. Knowing that you pay your fair share to help provide this high standard of living should be something you can be proud of.

It is really a matter of being a responsible citizen and caretaker of what those who came before you built. Paying your taxes can be viewed as a form of corporate ownership. It may also give you a sense of belonging as you pay your part to sustain and improve what we have for future generations.


Hopefully, through this list of reasons to pay your taxes here in Brisbane you are feeling more obliged and compelled to pay your fair share. All responsible Brisbane citizens do. Pay your taxes and keep Brisbane at the top of the high quality of life heap. Too right, mate!