5 Tips to Use Ashley Madison and Not Get Caught

Many adults all over the world are familiar with dating sites. While there are many of them available to choose from, the infidelity site known as Ashley Madison is one of the most popular ones around. The reason why more than 60 million people rely on the platform for their sexual and emotional fix is that it is appealing to married folks looking for a fling.

It is not uncommon to find couples who are unhappy in their marriages, and this could be that they are not getting enough attention from their partners, or they need to relieve a few of their sexual fantasies. And the easiest way for that to happen is by having an affair. But while a higher percentage of the members on the platform are men, you can also find married women there looking for friends with benefits.

But just before you go creating your profile and looking to start an affair on Ashley Madison, you want to take the time to ensure you follow all the necessary steps not to get caught by your spouse

Safety tips to Follow

If you are single or divorced and not in any committed relationship, you may not have any need for these tips. But if you have a partner and kids you will like to protect, then you should try as possible to follow these safety tips when looking to start an affair on Ashley Madison. And this is essential if you don’t want to get caught.

Keep Personal Details a Secret

The first thing you want to do to avoid getting caught on a dating site is to keep your details far from reach. Use a false name, and never provide your home address or spouse information when creating your profile on the platform. I’ll suggest you avoid filling out your details totally and use the drop-down demographic provided during registration.

You should also avoid using a picture of you on your profile. Thankfully, you get the option to blur out your photo or use any image you like for your profile picture. You should take this one seriously if you don’t want to run into a close friend or worse your spouse on a dating site for an extra-marital affair.

Go Far Away

You should know already that it is a bad idea to have an affair close to the house. While you will be provided with contacts of other users within a 20-mile radius of your location, it is always best to go far away from places where you may meet someone familiar. And the areas you should avoid are the ones close to your home, place of work, and places where your spouse occasionally visit.

In your own best interest, you should think of traveling to have an affair. That’s the only way you can be sure that you won’t run into anyone who may be able to know you or your partner. But all bets are off, as you cannot be 100% certain that you won’t meet your wife’s close friend or husband’s brother on one of your many escapades.

Keep it a Secret

You should know that the only way your secret will remain a secret is if you tell no one. So if you intend to keep your extra-marital affair from your spouse, then no one else but you and your partner in crime should know about it. You should also avoid bragging about your infidelity to your drinking buddies or to the girls at the salon. You never can tell which one of them may be looking to put an end to your illicit adventures.

Another way you can draw suspicions from your partner is if you make noticeable changes to your appearance. So all of a sudden at 55, you decide to get a new haircut, and go shopping for expensive suits, and splash out on a $10,000 wristwatch. You can be sure that your wife will be curious to know why the sudden need to look more appealing. So it is best to maintain the status quo and not draw any attention to yourself.

Improve Security on your Devices

If you usually share a home computer with your partner or don’t require a security feature on your phone, all that needs to change now that you are having an affair. You may want to get a personal computer for yourself and keep your phone with you at all times. You don’t want the Mr. or Mrs. to find out about all the nasty conversations you have been having for a couple of months now. So adding a security feature on your mobile phone and computer is a must if you want to stay married. You can check here to learn how to improve security on your phone and computer.

Use Protection

The most important thing you want to keep in mind when having an extra-marital affair is to use protection always. You will need to do this if you don’t want to bring home an STD, or worse another child home to your spouse. Apart from protecting your partner, you will also be doing yourself a great deal of good. There are many people on these dating sites such as Ashley Madison, who meet with a lot of random people for sex, and if you end up with any of the careless types, you may not be lucky to get away unscathed.

Bonus Tip

If you and your spouse usually get financial statements at the end of the month, then you want to avoid paying for hotels and expensive dinners with your credit card. As a rule, if you are married, then you should only use cash whenever you are out with your lover. You don’t want your partner to receive financial statements for luxury hotel bills and $200 steak dinners for two; they never got to enjoy with you. You can check below to find out more about setting up your profile and using the dating service provided by Ashley Madison. Read here: https://breakupshop.com/ashley-madison-reviews

So there you have it, five tips to help you avoid getting caught in an extra-marital affair on Ashley Madison. And if you are serious about staying married, you should do well to apply the suggestions above.