5 Tips for Driving in a Foreign Land

We all love going on holiday because it gives us the chance to experience new cultures and see unfamiliar sights, not to mention the fact it allows us to take some time off work and spend time with the family. There are so many great destinations all over the world that you can never see everything in one lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. However, given that holidays rarely last more than a couple of weeks, you need to make sure you fit in as many sightseeing opportunities as possible to really make the most of your holiday, and that’s why many people choose to hire a car.

Of course, you might be able to save money on transport by using trains and buses, but they can often take longer to arrive at a destination than if you drove yourself. Plus, if you’re travelling with the kids, you might want to look into car rental because of the convenience of having your own vehicle. As long as you rent a car from a company you can trust, you can feel confident that car hire will improve your trip exponentially.

Ace Rent a Car offer car hire in Perth for extremely competitive prices, and to make their service extra convenient, they allow you to pick up your vehicle from a number of different locations around the city and the airport. Below, this article will offer five top tips to help you get used to driving in a foreign land as quickly as possible.

Getting Used to New Roads

Driving in an unfamiliar country can feel very different to driving at home, so make sure you take the following tips on board for a smooth driving experience.

  • Observe the rules of the road – The rules of the road in a foreign country may be different to the rules you’re used to at home, so make sure you always look out for signs that offer advice.
  • Read books –It’s a good idea to at least scan through a book that offers safety advice with regards to driving in the country you’re heading to. It might take ten minutes of your time, but you’ll be thankful you did it if it prevents an accident.
  • Don’t break the speed limit –You might occasionally break the speed limit at home because you’re familiar with the roads, but it’s best to drive safely in a foreign country.
  • Rent a car that’s in good condition –Make sure you rent a car that won’t break down for the duration of your trip.
  • Don’t pay too much for a vehicle –It’s best to take a good look at the average price of car hire so that you know you’re paying the same price as the locals.

Enjoy Your Road Trip

Renting your own vehicle for a week or two is undoubtedly the best way to see as many hotspots as you can while on holiday, but make sure you hire a car from a company you can trust so that you can feel confident your vehicle is in good condition.