5 Simple Tips to Become a Strong and Powerful Woman


Women’s empowerment is a hot topic. Some women, like Esther Nenadi Usman, former finance minister in Nigeria, seem to just have it. Others seem to struggle with it more. When others look at Usman, they see someone who seems to have everything together. Nenadi is confident and looks as if she can conquer the world. Indeed, she has the key thing required to feel empowered as a woman, and that is self-confidence.

However, Esther, being from Southern Kaduna, also understands that it is easier said than done to be self-confident, particularly as a woman. Her becoming an economic and financial minister took a lot of hard work, and she had to overcome a great deal of obstacles. Yet, Nenadi Esther Usman never gave up and achieved all her goals. Now that she has retired from her position as one of the leading voices in the state of Kaduna, she is devoting more of her time to her own happiness and to her family. But she will always be Senator Nenadi Esther at heart, and she wants to continue to be this inspirational voice for others, and particularly for women in Nigeria. Hence, she has developed the following tips that every woman can implement in their lives to instantly feel more empowered.

Empowerment According to Esther Usman

For Nenadi Esther, being empowered is all about having the right mindset. She believes that any woman can be successful by believing in themselves. Hence, here are five tips according to Esther Nenadi Usman that every woman can implement in their lives:

  1. Stand up straight. Posture is vital and standing straight shows that you are proud of yourself and all that you have achieved. It also shows you are ready to take on the world.
  2. Keep your eyes open when you walk. You should notice everyone and everything. Every chance encounter could be an opportunity for greatness.
  3. Say what you mean at all times, but also mean what you say. It is a bit of a cliché, but it is an effective one and an excellent mantra to live by. Doing this shows you to be sincere and honest, but it also shows you to be someone who is not afraid to address issues as and when they appear.
  4. Enunciate! Speaking properly is very important, as it ensures people understand what you say and they will become more inclined to listen to you as well. Furthermore, proper pronunciation makes you look a lot more educated. Do also remember that it is the tone that makes the music, so think about how you speak.
  5. Put negativity where it belongs: in the trash. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions and a negative attitude. No empowered woman ever thought badly about herself or her own situation.

According to Usman, implementing those five elements into your life will instantly make you more empowered. If you want to be the strong woman that you know you are deep down inside, this is the place to start.