5 Simple Tips for Stronger Nails

Today, a part of our hygiene is to maintain our nails clean and strong. Women are more attractive when they have a set of beautiful-looking nails. It does not matter if we have a special date or a meeting or we just want our nails to look good in every situation, there are so many ways to make that happen. If you want dazzling nails that are strong and healthy, here you will have several pieces of advice on how to achieve them.

Eating well is a top priority

It all comes from the inside – what we put in our body reflects on how we look outside. Needless to say, this is also the case with something small like our nails. Our nails are composed of protein mainly, so that is the reason why an adequate amount of protein is essential in your diet. Be sure to eat enough eggs, soy and other beans, just like dairy products that are also a very good source of this kind of nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and magnesium are also something to recommend. They are what keep your nails moisturized instead of having them dry and fragile. Flaxseeds and chia seeds, walnuts, oysters, leafy vegetables and pretty much everything that contains these minerals and vitamins that your nails need is what you have to eat.

Stop biting your nails if you have this habit

For all of those who have this habit – and it is not a rare one, it is time to break it for good. Biting our fingernails can only bring damage and nothing good comes out of it. First of all, they will look ugly. Second of all, they become very fragile and break easily. It is bad when you want to apply nail polish and some of your nails look like a disaster. It is even worse when you do apply it and it all looks perfect, then suddenly a nail or two gets broken because they were too weak. Think about this.

Do you have a nail salon nearby to visit?

We are women and we like visiting places like these. Going to the hairdresser or to a nail salon makes us feel good and even more beautiful. You probably have some nail salons nearby, so try the one that is the nearest to your home, or just go somewhere where they offer great service. Why not use some extra help to have extra glamorous nails? Getting a manicure and a pedicure not only makes out nails look nice but it is also very relaxing and it makes all the stress run away.

Regular moisturizing helps a lot

Whether you use Vaseline or a certain cream, be sure to moisturize your cuticles and hands on a daily basis. This is especially important if you wash dishes a lot or do a lot of other chores. Almond and jojoba oil are recommended for this. Your nails will be resistant to breakage more than ever and you will like how smooth your hands feel when you touch them.

Harmful chemicals are to be avoided

Believe it or not, nails are easier to be penetrated than the skin, and that is why you should stay away from harmful chemicals. Dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde are what you should avoid that often appear in polish formulas. Some countries even restricted the use of these chemicals. When you buy nail polish, check if it has them, because if it does – look for another one that doesn’t.

A healthy diet, regular application of oil or cream and nail salons visits are the top tips to keep your nails strong and cherished. Also, avoid what is harmful, no matter if we are talking about chemicals or bad habits like biting your nails. If you follow these pieces of advice, you will definitely look glamorous and even more appealing with a set of amazing nails!