5 reasons to get a family pet

While some people are natural animal lovers and couldn’t imagine living without a pet, others need a little more persuading. You might be concerned about the level of responsibility, mess, or the potential of your pet causing harm to a visitor. 

A quick safety note before considering getting any pet: while dog bites aren’t common, they can be painful and cause serious issues. If you’ve been affected by a dog bite, check out this lawyer dealing with dog bites. All animals should get training to ensure they can live safely in a household.

But, despite your reservations, most people find the rewards of a family pet outweigh the negatives. Here are some wonderful reasons to get a family pet. 

They teach responsibility

Sure, pets are a lot of responsibility. But this can be a great thing. If you’re a happy couple thinking about having kids, getting a pet can introduce you to the concept of looking after something other than yourselves. Alternatively, if you already have kids, getting a pet teaches them how to look after something and have a little extra responsibility. Your kids will become more sensible and caring if they are trusted to look after the family pet. 

They make your home safer

When you get a pet, you’ll need to make sure that your home is safe for them. A pet friendly home will need to be tidy and you shouldn’t leave any wires or cables hanging around (else they will get chewed). But a pet friendly home isn’t just safer for your pet – it’s safer for you, too. You’ll have fewer hazards and will be more aware of what could be dangerous in the home. Plus, having a dog at home could be useful if a burglar comes knocking. 

They make you more active

We’ve all had days where we’ve stayed on the sofa all day. But, if you have a dog, you won’t be able to get away with it. Your lovely pet will be wagging its tail, desperate to go out for a walk. So, generally, getting a pet will make you more active. You’ll be going out for more walks and getting regular exercise. Seeing something with such energy will make you want to be more energetic yourself. 

They bring the family together 

There’s no better way to bring a family together than by getting a pet. Families thrive over shared experiences, so if you can laugh about your cheeky, characterful pet, you’ll find that you have more to talk about. A shared love of something helps to keep a family going on difficult days. 

They’re loving

And finally, what better reason to get a pet than the love they bring? While dogs are often viewed as the most loving, there’s nothing like the comforting feeling of a purring cat sitting on your lap. Getting a family pet will help to make everyone feel more loved. Soon, you’ll be wondering what life was like without them.