4 Types of Custom Apparel for Your Employees


You’re proud of your employees for a lot of reasons. One of the ways you can express that pride is by ordering custom apparel that they can wear in the workplace and for special occasions. Here are some examples of the type of apparel you should consider. One or more of these options will be just right.

Basic Tee Shirts

Basic tee shirts can be useful in a number of situations. They are a great choice when you decide to implement a casual day on Fridays. Your employees will also find https://www.freshlybakedtees.com custom t-shirts in Toronto are ideal when there’s a company picnic or some other weekend outing sponsored by the business.

You can go with a design that includes the company logo and colors on a white tee shirt, or opt for some type of color that still allows the logo and name to stand out. Talk with some of your managers and get some ideas for the colors. They can also provide some insight into which sizes would work best for their employees.


Have you thought about sponsoring a company sports team? Raglans are a popular choice for a number of outdoor sporting activities like baseball. The material is comfortable and will not restrict the range of motion while your employees are playing. Thanks to the typical two-tone design, you can settle on a color for the sleeves that fits in perfectly with your company logo.


Do you think something a little dressier would be in order? You can order custom sweaters that will be perfect for casual days. Your employees will find them especially comfortable during the colder seasons.

Consider ordering the sweaters in colors that correspond to the department where each employee works. For example, the accounting department could have green sweaters while the sales department is given red ones. You and your executive team may like the idea of sweaters in royal blue.

Remember that the sweaters will look just as nice with dress slacks as they do with jeans. Instead of only being worn on casual days, they will be a nice touch even on days when general office attire is required.


Another excellent option for cooler weather is customized hoodies. These are especially helpful during the autumn and spring when there is a nip in the air around the time employees are showing up for work. Unlike tee shirts, it’s easy enough to use a hoodie as a light jacket and remove it once the employee is at work.

These are only a few of the custom apparel options you can choose. Consider what sort of garment would appeal to most of your employees and explore the possibilities with a professional. It won’t take long to settle on the right apparel type, choose the colors and sizes, and create the right type of design. The smile on your employees’ faces when you hand out the apparel will let you know the choice was a good one.