4 Most Popular Amateur Sports in Australia 

In Australia, sport is a means of expressing oneself – it’s an important cultural element of this nation. Over the course of history, sports have shaped this country’s national identity – from various major sporting events such as the Bledisloe Cup for rugby, horse racing Melbourne Cup and, of course, tennis Australian Open. Australia used sports as a way of establishing itself, as there’s very little history for it to be grounded on. The nation’s obvious enthusiasm for sports is reflected in its numerous successes and triumphs on the international stage. Aussies play a variety of sports, so if you’re thinking about trying your hand at sports yourself, we’re giving you the list of four most popular amateur sports in Australia.

Football (Australian Style)

One of the most popular sports in the world is also loved by Australians. When they’re not competing internationally, they enjoy playing Australian rules football. The worldwide notion of what football is very different from the notion of football in Australia. Namely, the first is played by using a round ball, while the latter is played with an oval-shaped leather ball.  The objective is to kick the ball through goalposts to score points. There are eighteen active players and the match lasts for four quarters (4×20 minutes). If you are thinking about playing some Aussie rules, aka footy, look for the rules online in order to get acquainted with it.


Australians also enjoy a good basketball game as many other countries around the world do. Basketball is a fairly popular sport, so going into details is not necessary when describing the game. It is played both indoors and outdoors, and NBL – National Basketball League – is to thank for popularizing this sport. Basketball in Australia reached its peak during the 1980s, and still continues to be one of the most popular sports and is the second highest team participation sport in Oz. Speaking of teams – finding a good sports apparel provider is a part of creating a team spirit among participants. Many amateur sports players purchase quality basketball uniforms in Australia that provide them with ultimate comfort and ease of movement to do their best on the court.


During the golden years of cricket in the 1990s, Australia had the most dominant cricket team, which brought them international fame and triumph. Ever since the first cricket match occurred in 1838, Aussies have seemed to be thrilled about this sport and some of them even went on to form what is today known as Melbourne Cricket Club and what will grow to become the largest sporting club in Australia. What makes cricket one of the most popular sports in the Land Down Under are its numerous benefits, such as improving hand-eye coordination, helping you with balance as well as developing overall fitness and stamina. Just be sure to wear protective gear, since the ball that is used for playing this sport is usually quite hard and may cause injuries while batting.


Due to the fact that Australia’s climate is perfect for various outdoor activities and because its residents love sports in general, it’s no wonder that tennis has made its way to the list of the most popular sports in this country. When you add to all that the fact that one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world is held in Australia, you begin to understand that tennis is a sport that, sooner or later, was bound to blossom into one of Australia’s favorite sports. There’s a multitude of tennis clubs like Chatswood Tennis Club, where tennis lovers can book a tennis court to practice playing with their teams.

There are many amateur sports in Australia you can enjoy. Explore the world of sports and find the one that suits you best. That way, you’ll not only become a fit and healthy individual, but you’ll also learn some valuable lessons that playing a sport brings with it.