Why you need a marble stone pavilions

The open design of these stone pavilions lets the gentle wind and sunlight to filter through while the roof gives plenty of shade. Gazebos have gained in popularity as an outdoor entertaining area in most warm and sunny climates. They can also serve as marble pavilions, marble temples and stone temples for your outdoor spaces. The most famous styles represent the Italian and English Neo-Classical, Romanesque and Baroque periods, which have made their lasting presence into the modern era with flair.

Stone Temple With Iron Dome

Stone and metal have worked in perfect harmony since long before humankind walked the planet and they do still. This natural stone temple with iron dome is a classic example of that harmony.  Created from natural stone, this pavilion will be perfect residence for any deity you worship. It has six pillars placed on tiny square slabs to hold the heavy metal dome that offers shade and shelter. You are at liberty to use the space under the dome however you desire. It could be a stone gazebo, temple or a place to entertain your family and friends. Its simple yet exquisite design is an ideal match for a modern or rustic design layout. It might just remind you of temples of the ancient Greece.

Beige Marble Pavilion 

Natural beige marble has a magical allure about it and can lift up the mood of any mundane space to make it royal. Take this beige marble gazebo for example. Defined as a summer house or an ornamental structure in a garden meant for shelter, this pavilion will be paired flawlessly with a summer house in the country. Made from elegant beige marble, it has four Corinthian style pillars in the front, while the back is entirely closed off to prevent from the elements. The garden feature has a traditional house-style roof with shingles. You can place a couple of lounge chairs inside and watch the pretty season rolling. It serves best for a country home. 

White Stone Temple 

This white stone temple is a beautiful addition to any garden next to a big mansion-style house. It is a big feature that has been made from natural stone blocks to give it a certain earthy appeal. It has six Corinthian-style pillars on the front; while the back is almost walled off save for a big arch door. It will remind you of ancient Roman and Greek temple architecture. It has a tapered roof with shingles and plenty of space underneath the roof. It can be a temple for worship or religious gatherings, or it can be an area meant for entertainment. The choice is yours. It goes well with big country houses, which have plenty of outdoor space for installing such a big garden feature. However, this stone temple can be made in a smaller scale for your space if need be. 

White Marble Gazebo with Copper Dome 

Small in size but big in appeal, this white marble gazebo with a copper dome is the next best thing you can install in your garden to elevate its design quotient. Crafted from natural marble and copper, this gazebo features six pillars standing on matching marble plinths. The plinths are connected by four balustrades, leaving two openings to enter or exit the marble feature. It has a plain design without any embellishments or unnecessary carvings. It will serve impeccably in a modern city garden where space is already scarce. This marble gazebo can be customized in any shape or size to make any modifications as per your available space.  Another way to make your garden amazing is to add a marble fireplace to décor or add an outdoor marble bathtub to your garden