Why the Most Effective Direct Mail Letters are Handwritten

Have you been thinking about using direct mail marketing to propel your business above the competition? You need to reach your customers in a heavily populated marketplace, but you want to make sure your messages are being read, so you need a strategy that will catch their eye.

Discover how writing a handwritten letter has proven to be an effective direct mail marketing method that helps businesses grow and develop loyalty with customers.

Handwritten Letters Are Intriguing

Image via Flickr by Ivan Radic.

Customers are overwhelmed on a consistent basis by marketers who send out mass-produced emails, social media posts, and advertisements that soon all start to sound the same.

Unlike those technology-based methods, direct mail marketing goes straight to the customer’s hand, but even then an advertisement will always look like an advertisement.

However, a handwritten letter is much less common in today’s society, and receiving correspondence will give your customers the understanding that you have taken time out of your busy day to write them a personal message that will address their concerns on an individual basis.

Handwritten Letters Allow You Direct Access to Your Customers

Anyone can put an advertisement in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and send it out without much thought, but a handwritten letter is not so easily overlooked.

Receiving such a note feels more intimate to the recipient, causing them to at least consider if you are going to reach them on their level, and that is the kind of access you can’t buy with a flashy marketing campaign.

You can use this opportunity to relate to your customers in an emotional, informal, and individual way where you can meet specific needs that go beyond the surface of a generic advertisement.

A Handwritten Letter Will Help Build a Relationship

Because writing a handwritten letter creates a bond between the sender and the recipient, it will give you a chance to think about your customer in a way that allows you to empathize with their needs, and when you do that you can direct them to your business without sounding pushy or using hard selling techniques.

Think about why your customers would need your product or services, offer them a solution, and show the benefits of preferring your business over the competition.

Handwritten Letters Are Conversational

Most forms of marketing communication need to be generic enough that a larger audience can understand and apply them, but writing a letter by hand gives you the chance to connect with your customers in a casual, conversational manner that puts them at ease.

While the customer feels comfortable reading your note, you can keep their interest by telling a relatable story and show them in a unique way that you have their best interest in mind, creating a connection that simply can’t be achieved by more formal means of communication.

Now that you know why sending a handwritten letter is the most effective method of direct mail marketing, take the opportunity to reach out to your customers in a way that builds a unique trust that can’t be found any other way.