Why is Medium Strength Beer a More Healthy Choice? 

Drinking beer is greatly ingrained in Australian culture. Australians drink beer to celebrate and socialize with people. Some take it as refreshment on a fine summer day. Or you know, just because! That’s why there’s a need for a beer that won’t adversely affect our health and lifestyle. Luckily, local brewers got your back. They have balanced full flavour with reduced alcohol content with mid-strength beer. Medium strength beer offers all the perks of a full-strength beer without all the worry.

Drink beer, Stay Healthy 

It’s no secret that beer has surprising health benefits. It lowers the chance of heart disease. It helps decrease anxiety. It even helps build stronger bones.

Like anything, moderation is the key. So a low-down on beer is the better choice to remain healthy. But no need to worry, a medium-strength beer is a healthier drinking choice that will give you the same buzz.

A Drink or Two, Every Other Day

You’ve likely heard that beer is good for the heart. Moderate consumption of beer helps your body maintain good cholesterol. Good cholesterol, or high-level cholesterol (HDL), lowers your risk for heart disease and stroke. One to two drinks for men, and one drink for women, every other day, may help reduce cardiovascular risk.

Life Hack: Keep Track

People have different alcohol tolerances. Gender, body weight, and metabolism play a factor in this. It is important to keep track of your tolerance level so you can avoid risky situations. If you don’t know it yet, find out the next time you drink with your friends. Count the standard drinks you can handle, or until you feel dizzy. The average for a lot of people is four standard drinks.

A standard drink is one that contains around 10 grams of alcohol. It may not be easy to track how many drinks you’re having since glass sizes vary. But the standard is as follows:

A small glass of 285ml for full strength is 1.1 standard drink, 0.8 for mid-strength, and 0.6 for low strength. A large glass of 425ml is 1.6, 1.2, and 0.9, respectively. For bottles and cans, it starts at 1.4, 1.0 and 0.8.

Medium-strength beer has a lot of options in Australia. There is one with bottle tops marked with the number of standard drinks in each bottle. Pop these caps in your pocket to keep track.

No Gluten For Me

A grain-free diet is popular for staying healthy. That’s why some brewers have devised gluten-free beers. This beer is the go-to for those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. But, they have a different taste because of the different ingredients, and can sometimes be hard to find too.

Meet in the Middle

Medium strength beers range from 2.0% ABV to 4.2% ABV. But the sweet spot is at 3.5%.

Beer drinkers are after the body and flavour of a premium beer, but one can enjoy the benefits of lower alcohol and carb content. Mid strength gives the best of both worlds. With manageable ABVs, you can drink on without worrying about going overboard. The low-calorie content will help you maintain your fitness. That’s why it’s so popular in parties, sporting events, and just about anywhere else.

Healthy drinking habits include frequency, quantity, and food or activity associated with it. Mid strength beer just got your back better than the others.