Which Best Home Warranty Companies Should You Choose?

Home warranty companies are of prime importance especially if you are looking for evaluations and customer feedbacks. We first need to know what home warranty is. It is a service provided by the best company for servicing your home in proper ways.

Let us have a quick know-how of the home warranty companies around you. It should be noted that they are chosen by customer feedbacks and their past performance records for their valuable clients. The discussion below summarizes the best four home service organizations of the USA serving their clients at their best along with the reviews and brief details of each company. Moreover, each company’s premium is also mentioned so that customers can make useful and the right choices regarding the services they need to acquire.

American Home Shield

The company is a renowned server in the USA and is serving its valuable clients for last few years acquiring the average rating of 4.5.  It was founded in 1971 and charges its customers with a premium within the range of $250-$500 approx. The premium surely depends on the services users acquire and the benefits they need at the time of registration. In the USA, they have BBB rating of grade B and total reviews of 8075 in the overall venture.

The Home Service Club

They are bit better than American Shield Company with a bit higher rating of 4.8. Their premium is constant for their clients, i.e., $400 and their effectiveness start by policy dependency.  Having founded in 2008 and with the reviews of more than 400, the company serves its clients at its best over the USA.

America’s Preferred

This company is almost equivalent to Home service club is also rocking in the USA. They are having an average rating of 4.7 and have user reviews of almost 280 or more. Their annual premium is approx. $500 and is having BBB rating of A+.


The last major company, i.e., Landmark with a maximum premium of $660 and a minimum of $400. They have average BBB rating of A- and covers selected states of the USA not all of them. The company started its official working in 2004, and average customer reviews of the company sum up to 1009. Their rating is not so impressive but so much so, they are chosen by most of the customers as their prices as well as services are entirely cost-effective, and they are serving their clients for last few years at their best.

Last but not the least; making a proper choice from any of the companies, choosing the best of them is not an easy task. That is why we have given the top three companies in the USA with appropriate premiums as well as superb customer feedbacks.  It always depends on the client the nature of services they want and the way they want to use them, i.e., the benefits they need or services they want to acquire. General decisions are mostly made by customer reviews and average user ratings.