Where Do Top Hairstylists and Beauty Salons Source Hair Extensions From?

If you plan to start doing hair extensions and turn this enterprise into a successful business, the first thing you need to care about is where you will source quality materials for work.

For this purpose, you will need a reliable hair extensions supplier offering top products and advantageous terms for cooperation.

Hair extensions wholesale

Where Do Hair Extension Companies Get Their Hair From?

In the Canadian market, you can find hair from China, India, Brazil and other countries.

But can they be considered good materials that will be comfortable in wearing and will fit in your customer’s hair? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The fact is that Chinese and Indian hair density is very different from quality European analogues.

In addition, they undergo aggressive chemical treatment and are often coated with silicone. After a customer has washed his head, hair strands quickly become tangled and lose their attractive appearance. As a result, when buying inexpensive hair from China, India, Brazil, you buy one-time hair that won’t last long.

To always receive positive feedback from clients and to be sure of the quality of materials, top hairstylists recommend working with Slavic or Russian hair. This product comes from Ukraine and Russia.

Hair extensions professionals around the world appreciate this type of hair for:

  1. Soft hair structure that suits most customers
  2. Healthy shine
  3. Delicate processing with no use of aggressive means
  4. Uniformity along the length from roots to tips
  5. Wide choice of shades
  6. Durability

How To Find The Best Hair Extensions Supplier?

  • Look at suppliers and their products, for example, what information they provide about the product on their website.
  • Look for feedback from customers on the Internet who have previously ordered products from this hair company.
  • Find out what warranties are provided.
  • Learn all the details of the collaboration, in particular, the possibility to buy hair wholesale.
  • Place trial order to get your own impression of hair feel and quality.

We recommend that you pay attention to the products of the I Love Slavic Hair brand. It is a reliable hair extensions supplier of virgin Slavic, Russian and European hair of premium quality.

All products of this company are subject to strict quality control and the most delicate processing. With proper hair care, they can last up to nine months!

By choosing I Love Slavic Hair, you choose the best extension materials on the North American market!