What your flooring choice says about you

The home is where the heart is and what you truly love and what to exhibit about yourself are displayed there, such as your style, your favourite colours and your hobbies. People often fill their home with trinkets and furniture which helps them to express their personality, but sometimes find themselves looking for a little change.

Just like everything else in the world, times change, and styles come in and out of fashion. So, when you style is undergoing a transformation – shouldn’t your flooring be too?

You have done your research

Any modern day homeowner knows that vinyl flooring would last longer than flares in the 80’s, and that vinyl flooring isn’t going to cost you all your savings. If you’re an easy-going person who loves to have their friend round for drinks and nibbles whilst listening to some of the greatest hits, then vinyl flooring is for you.

It uses scratch resistant technology to ensure that your get-togethers don’t leave permanent damage on your flooring from you guest’s shoes or one-too-many-wine accidents.

Your protective of your environment

If you prefer your haven to be kept intact and free from clutter, dirt and debris then you’ll find extensive benefits from installing vinyl flooring in your bathroom, kitchen and even hallways.

No one who invests in their home wants to see it turn to rack and ruin after a spot of rainy weather or a bath time battle with their little ones. Vinyl flooring has a moisture resistant coating which prevents water, or other liquid substances from working it’s way deep down into your flooring and causing it to raise and warp, such as with authentic wood materials.

Each room has a different purpose

There are those who prefer consistency and there are those who like the purpose of each room to be enhanced by the atmosphere which is formed during the design process.

The vinyl options available for us today surpass those of previous decades to bring us a flooring which works around our lifestyles and doesn’t have us working round the clock to keep it looking brand spanking new.

Whether you want to give your bathroom the zen-effect or make your living room into an antique lover’s paradise, vinyl has the pattern and colour options to do precisely what you want.

You revel in getting quality

If you’re a bargain hunter or just on a budget, then knowing where to find your ideal purchase is half the problem. Luckily there are numerous vinyl flooring stockists throughout the UK ready to advise you on the best vinyl flooring for your home.

Amtico brings to you an array of style patterns of material replicas, which can accompany other parts of your home such as underfloor heating. Luvanto holds many boutique ranges which are directed towards large open spaces which deserve to be shown off. Invictus is gathering speed in the flooring market, with luxury tiles and planks which can be personalised using borders and layering patterns which can represent any decade.

If you want your home to say more about your lifestyle, your interests or just show off your favourite furniture pieces, vinyl flooring is the perfect partner for making your home a masterpiece.