What You Should Know About Industrial Packaging

In generalized simple terms, the packaging is just the act of putting goods in boxes or containers to allow organized transportation.

Although, it serves more purposes than just organized transportation. It is particularly of great importance to industries as they deal with the large-scale production of goods that need to be protected and efficiently transported.

Thus it forms a vital part of their day-to-day operations and has specialized teams entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the process.

Nowadays, private businesses also have the need for it and will contract the relevant companies from time to time. Here are more details concerning industrial packaging.

What is industrial packaging?

It is the science of casing or boxing items with the aim of organizing, protecting, transporting or marketing them in an efficient manner. It is different from the usual packaging in many ways.

For instance, it is highly commercialized and mostly deals with large-scale goods or those that require special treatment that cannot be provided by other means. It is also highly customized to suit the specific type of item and its needs.

Fragile goods, for example, will not be treated the same way as other commodities. The main purpose is to provide protection for the goods while they are in storage and also on transportation. Thus it usually doesn’t put much emphasis on marketing.

What are the various types available?

The categorization can be done based on various factors such as the material used, design and technology. This results in the following types:

  • Wood

This is one of the most popular types available. It has existed for a long time for storage and shipping of various types of merchandise.

It is mostly used in form of barrels, crates and boxes. The versatility aspect of it comes in handy during the customization process to make it fit different types of needs. Being durable, the boxes can be reused for a long time hence making them economical.

The downside is that it promotes cutting down of trees which makes it environment-unfriendly. However, this is reduced by the use of artificially manufactured synthetics that resemble wood.

  • Foam

When it comes to the handling of fragile merchandise, foam is by far the best. It provides enough cushion to ensure that the items remain intact even when being transported over rough terrains.

It is also effective in keeping out moisture hence is suitable for equipment casing. When used for that it is re-usable and economical.

There are various types of foam materials that have different properties and so their prices vary. Despite being environment-unfriendly, its re-usability makes it worthwhile.

  • Corrugated

This is sometimes used as an alternative to foam, especially, where re-use is not required and the item doesn’t require much cushion.

It is basically cardboard designed to hold the item in place to ensure that it is transported safely. As such, it is used within another box and is suitable for small goods.

This method can also be used to separate several small items within the packaging to ensure that they don’t get crumpled up together.

  • Void fills

This is another popular technique used for the protection of delicate commodities. It is basically a sheet made of voids filled with air hence serves as a cushion. The downside, however, is that it can’t be used on its own. Thus it is usually used as an inner wrapper.

  • Molded pulp

It is one of the forms of packaging that are very eco-friendly. When used with other forms it provides an effective means of transporting fragile goods, especially, electronics. It offers stability and cushion. See this link to read a little more about the types of packaging https://www.ppec-paper.com/packaging-types/

There are other means also such as the use of metallic containers to provide safe storage and shipping of goods. These are mostly used where bulky items are involved and movement over a long distance is required.

What should you consider when choosing an industrial packaging contractor?

You don’t need to own a packaging firm to be able to store and transport your goods smoothly. There are companies that specialize in this task and can be of great service to you. To ensure that you pick the right one, here are some of the things that you ought to take into consideration.

  • Nature of the items that you need to be handled

As mentioned earlier, the various forms of packaging available are meant to suit different kinds of needs. If your goods are fragile, for instance, you will require means that can ensure they are well-cushioned and held in place to ensure smooth transportation. Otherwise, you might end up losing lots of money if they get damaged.

  • The environment

You need to consider the environment that the goods will be subjected to. For example, if you intend to store them in a warehouse for a long time where they might end up getting subjected to unfavorable conditions then you need to ensure that you pick an effective means that will ensure durability. If they are to be transported over the sea where they might be exposed to wet conditions then the containers must be able to keep out moisture.

  • Affordability

It goes without saying that you should choose what you can afford. The most expensive method is not necessarily the most effective one.

You should make a viable decision. If, for instance, the products are not fragile then investing in the use of foam will be a waste of money.

That being said, you should also refrain from making a choice based on affordability alone. A cheap solution might not be a suitable one. Click here to read about retail ready packaging too.


Ensuring that your merchandise is transported and stored safely is very important. Failure to do so might result in huge losses that could have been easily avoided. Industrial packaging comes in handy as a solution. It employs the use of packaging engineers among other specialists to ensure that the job is done well. Your part is just to ensure that you choose a good company that will best suit your needs. The tips above will help you do just that.