What a Love Psychic Would Say About a Virgo

Have you ever walked away from a fight with your significant other and felt completely mystified as to how it started? Romantic relationships are possibly the most complicated aspects of life, even for the well-grounded and logical Virgo. In fact, the Virgo lover can stumble into a sticky situation just as easily as anyone else, especially when this earth sign tries to dole out constructive criticism. If you are a Virgo, you know exactly what that’s like. Consulting the Virgo love horoscope can give you some insight into how to navigate romance now and in the future. Here’s what a love psychic would say about a Virgo.

Always Be the Bigger Person

The creative in you might want you to add an artsy flourish while you’re in the middle of an argument with your partner, but a love psychic would caution you, Virgo, to take the high road and always be the bigger person. Relationships are hard work, and you aren’t one to shy away from the nitty gritty. At the same time, you have a tendency to let small misunderstandings snowball out of control. If you’re nitpicking because your needs aren’t being met, try to communicate this honestly with your partner instead of stooping to the level of a cold shoulder or snide remark.

As an earth sign, you feel most comfortable when everything is in its place and everything makes sense. So you sometimes obsess about things your partner does that don’t seem logical to you. When it comes to romance, you might not flourish unless and until you find a partner who is as committed to the work as you are. When that happens, try to hush your inner critic and rise above the noise.

Take a Romantic Getaway

While your partner might not see you as the spontaneous one in the relationship, your Virgo love horoscopes are showing that it’s the perfect time to take a romantic getaway. The celestial bodies are setting you up with some seriously fun vibes. Venus and Uranus are set to merge, and that means you’ll have adventure and attraction on your side. It might take you out of your comfort zone, but it will also open up new opportunities to bond with your current partner or meet someone new if you’re looking. 

As a Virgo, you hate to be without a plan, so here are some fun date ideas to keep you and your significant other on your toes: 

  • Playing paintball or laser tag
  • Taking a cooking class together
  • Going on a haunted city tour 
  • Visiting a speakeasy bar 
  • Attending a secret concert event

When it comes to romantic getaways, try not to overthink your budget concerns. It’s easy to come up with an excuse for why you can’t spoil yourself and your loved one, but now is not the time to be frugal. This month, put your relationship first and sneak away for a romantic weekend in the woods.

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