Water Activities To-Do in Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a visitor’s paradise right off the coast of Cairns in Australia. With its clear blue waters and fine sand beaches right in the centre of the Great Barrier Reef, it’s surrounded by water and there are tons of great activities for you to explore during your stay. From snorkelling to glass-bottom boat tours, all water activities on the island are amazing.

In this article, we’ll be going through each of the island’s best water activities and giving you the pros and cons of each one. Keep these in mind when planning your trip and swear you can’t go wrong.

Read on to find out which activities made it to our top pics!

Scuba Diving

Fitzroy Island is a hot spot for aspiring divers. It offers a beautiful, immersive view of the waters, and the island also has a PADI-accredited centre for diving so beginners can get their licenses. Training is handled by well-trained, licensed dive instructors. The training facility also utilizes a dive pool that allows first-timers to conduct hands-on practice before heading out to the ocean.

Although the training might be rigorous, the view down below is definitely worth it: it offers an exotic variety of fish, unique coral, and other types of rare marine life like manta rays and sponges. If diving during the day isn’t enough of a thrill for you, the island also offers night diving which allows you to explore the ocean and its coves in the dark of night.


Snorkelling is definitely the most popular activity in the Great Barrier Reef. There’s no license required and it’s safe for those without any diving experience because you can swim close to the surface. You can also opt to go island hopping and see which beaches have the best coral life. If you’re looking to educate yourself more on The Great Barrier Reef, you can also head out on a guided snorkelling tour.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking can be taken on its own or in tandem with the other water activities that we’ve written about so far. This fun activity that’s perfect for couples, friends, and small groups gives ocean-lovers the chance to experience The Great Barrier Reef from the surface. It’s also great for those who want a closer look at the smaller, more intricate rock formations and islands.

Those who are looking for a guided sea kayaking tour can go for the Sea Kayaking Adventure Day Tour–it runs for three hours with a number of stops, including Shark Fin Bay and Little Fitzroy Island. For those who are more confident with their kayaking skills, you can also rent a glass-bottom kayak which ranges from $25 to $65, depending on duration. This way, you can see underwater even as you paddle.


The waters which surround Fitzroy Island are full of life–it’s a Heritage conservation zone with strict fishing parameters, but the island is open to guided fishing a couple of times a year. Fishing is usually open from March to September–if you’re interested in going fishing, you can call or email in advance to reserve a spot.

The Turtle Rehabilitation Center

Sea Turtles are some of Australia’s most protected endangered species. A visit to Fitzroy Island’s Turtle Rehabilitation Center is a heart-warming experience that’s perfect for any animal rights activist.

The tour allows tourists to have an opportunity to interact with the volunteers and rescuers who contribute to nursing the turtles back to health. Although the rehabilitation centre visits are limited, it’s definitely worth it to keep it on your schedule.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The Glass Bottom Boat Tour is perfect for young kids, elderly visitors, and those who are looking for an underwater experience without going diving or snorkelling. The guided tour is also a great way to learn about marine life. This tour often has a marine biologist who gives the guided tour, making sure that all the information you get is legitimate.


Whether you choose to spend the day snorkelling in the waters surrounding Fitzroy Island or decide to go sea kayaking instead. Get real bang for your buck when you book a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. There’s never a dull moment on Fitzroy Island–book now and get started planning a vacation you won’t forget!