Velocity Based Training: the best training for high-performance athletes

Training for high performance athletes is an essential element that helps them achieve excellent performance in every competition. Keeping control of the whole process is essential to make the right decisions and, in this sense, the support of a product such as VBT becomes very valuable.

To exploit the maximum potential, athletes must comply with a work process based on 3 fundamental steps: train – measure – decide. The second step, which is the linking step, will be decisive for the results to be progressively superior and for the athlete to reach higher levels of competence.

This is why Velocity Based Training (VBT) was created, a high-end product that measures the results of training through a high-precision linear encoder. It is a system that has been scientifically validated, so its use for these purposes is a great decision that every high performance athlete should consider.

Benefits of working with the Velocity Based Training

This is an effective system for a number of reasons:

  • It measures the average propulsion speed, which allows progressive adjustments to be made to improve what has been achieved so far.
  • It provides real time feedback to assist in the coaching work of the specialist, helping you get a better analysis of your performance.
  • It is portable, so it can be taken from one place to another in the training space without the need of any wired connections.
  • Daily monitoring of the training that will make it easier to visualise any progress or stagnation that may occur. This is achieved by creating a unique strength-speed profile for setting records and comparisons.
  • Reduce the chances of injury by being clear on the limits that each athlete is capable of reaching, thanks to the VBT sensor.
  • Decrease fatigue levels because you can concentrate your energy on those activities that are really useful for training.

But the most important thing in all this is that it is an instrument that is supported by scientific studies that validate that all core training is following an effective path when working with strength training, because it is an instrument with high precision that places it among the favourite options for coaches and athletes who have made use of it.

Vitruve’s equipments

In the market, the best shop that makes this linear encoder available to consumers is Vitruve. Its ability to pay attention to every detail means that coaches will have their own work profile available, through an application on their own mobile phone, from which they can enter their athletes and keep a detailed record of the progress of each one.

Thanks to this system, it will be easier to meet the ideal of offering personalised training that is adapted to the interests and possibilities of each athlete. It is an innovative and efficient method to work on training efficiently, focusing energy on the aspects that really deserve it.

In the Vitruve shop it will also be possible to access other support tools such as an explanatory guide that will help you to get the most out of each resource, accessories to improve the functioning of your sport equipment, oriented both to be used by coaches and athletes. Here it is possible to mention an important feature: a support system to place the smartphone in a comfortable position, a bag with an appropriate structure to transport the equipment, an iPad with the application installed, among others.

With the Vitruve VTB, it is time to say goodbye to paper statistics and welcome technology into our sports lives. Its operating system is focused solely on improving the performance of high performance athletes and taking them on a safe path through which they are able to develop their full potential. Its speed-driven approach is novel and can be applied to multiple activities such as baseball, weightlifting, rugby and basketball, to name but a few.