Touring Russia: River Cruise or Train?

Famous for its winters, literature, and vodka, Russia can come as a pleasant surprise for globetrotters. Full of beautiful landscapes and centuries-old architecture, the country serves as the perfect destination for a holiday away from the mundane. The options to explore the biggest country in the world are varied. You can either board a Russia cruise or travel economically by trains. For example, you can cover the length and breadth of the country by buying a Moscow to St. Petersburg train ticket. Read on to know more about the two most exotic ways of exploring Russia.

Taking a River Cruise

The two capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg – are the two places most people cover on their first trip to Russia. As expected, the land of the Tsars offers the luxurious option of river cruises for this endeavor. You can book a tour sailing the Volga from a number of established names operating in Russia. One of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, Volga offers an insight into the Russian culture and ways of life like nothing else.

Such cruise ships come with gorgeous features like bars, lounges, fitness centres with comfortable, cabin stays, sashaying around the most beautiful and authentic parts of Russia like nothing else. You can even participate in different activities onboard like cooking classes and costume ceremonies which will help you get closer to the country and its ways of life. City tours will involve covering everything from Kremlin, St. Basil’s and Hermitage Museum to the historic Red Square, Winter Palace and Church of the Savior on Blood.

You can also opt for a river cruise on the Svir river, which connects Lake Onega to Lake Ladoga, covering St. Petersburg on the way. Explore the gorgeous landscapes from the waters and enjoy the five-star luxuries that these cruises have to offer – what more can one ask for from a perfect vacation?

Boarding the famous Russian Trains

Featuring the longest railway line in the world, the Trans Siberian, the country houses a highly functional railway system. If you want to cover Russia in the most economical, quick yet comfortable way, boarding a train is your answer. There are more than ten trains operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg, which you can go for, as per the budget and time on your hands.

Opt for the famous Grand Express or the Red Arrow to delve into a luxurious on-wheels experience. You will find different classes with varying features and services in the train, and most scrumptious and delicious meals to choose from. Most of these trains are overnight journeys taking you through the wide and beautiful landscapes of the Russian countryside. You can also opt for the Sapsan train if you are running on a tight schedule. This high-speed train covers this overnight journey of more than 400 miles in about four hours, making it the perfect option for a business traveller. The first train leaves at about 5:30 in the morning and the last at around nine in the night.

So, how about getting started with planning your trip to Russia and exploring all that this beautiful country has to offer!