Get The Skin Of Your Dreams

While it can be plenty of fun to dress up and put some makeup on every now and then, having flawless skin and being confident enough to leave the house without layers of foundation on is something that many of us strive for.

Being able to do this saves time and money and will help boost your confidence in the long run. While there are plenty of factors that can affect the condition of someone’s skin, such as hormones and stress, there are a few tips that you can abide by in order to achieve an even skin tone so that you are radiant and beaming wherever, whenever.

Wash your face before bed

This rule is one that many people tend to forget, but it is probably the most important to remember in any skincare routine. Every night before bed, wash your face with a nickel-size amount of facewash for at least 30 seconds. This will help clear all of the dirt and bacteria off your face, reducing the build-up of oils and dirt, which typically leads to fewer breakouts and flare-ups, if your skin is prone to acne.

Having a clean base will also help your face better absorb any serums or moisturisers you plan to apply.

Never skip the moisturiser

First thing’s first: make sure you have the right moisturiser for your skin. People with oilier skin might think that they should skip the moisturiser but drying out your skin could have even worse effects in terms of acne and overall skin health.

If you do have oily skin, try to find an oil all-free moisturiser. It will work wonders and only takes a few seconds to apply.

Don’t scrub too hard

Be careful with your skin – don’t scrub it too hard, as this could overstimulate your oil glands and lead to more breakouts. Try and limit your use of face scrubs to just twice a week and be careful of the washcloth you use as well.

Being too harsh on your skin can cause irritation and result in even more breakouts. When you do wash your face, be gentle and use your hands to do so. However, you need to ensure that your hands are clean in order to avoid acne-causing dirt and oil transferring back onto your face.

Don’t touch your face

The more you touch your face, the higher your risk of transferring bacteria onto it is. We use our hands for everything and are constantly touching different surfaces. Putting your hands on your face transfers all of this to your skin, which could lead to breakouts. Also remember that you probably take your phone everywhere with you too – make sure that you clean your phone and its cover. When we answer calls, we hold our phones up to our faces and increase our chances of transferring bacteria through this as well. And, when we click here to understand more or follow other online prompts, we touch our phone and then our face, transferring bacteria too.

Keeping your face as clean as possible is an excellent way to ensure that your skin remains well-nourished and protected from potential breakouts.