To sleep together on the first date or not

Dating is tough. At least that’s the reputation that dating has gotten in the past few years, as much of our dating has been moved online. But dating is also fun, hence why so many do it. If you’ve gotten so far to the first date, and you both feel a spark and an attraction to each other, some people become eager or impatient. Challenges often occur, as the intentions of dating can be so different, according to who you ask. There are so many different schools of thought, and so many different approaches to dating.

Listen to yourself and be patient

Whether you should have sex on the first date is a very polarized and discussed topic. The real answer is that there is no answer that is the same for everyone. As such, you might feel that the night is going perfectly, the spark is there for the both of you, and you want to be invited up for “tea”. Your date might feel the same, except they prefer to wait. They don’t need a reason for this, as sex is very personal, and this does not mean that they don’t find you attractive.

This might be frustrating for you, especially if you are only looking for a one-time thing. However, this is your problem alone, as you can’t decide on behalf of your date. To avoid wasting your time, you should practice being open and honest with the people you date. This is often appreciated by your date, and can release a lot of tension, if said right. It goes without saying that being too direct can have a bad effect.

If you do decide to get tea though

Sleeping together on the first date also doesn’t mean that you can’t continue dating, or even become partners. This is up to you. If it feels natural, then why not? We all have our own personal relationship with sex, but as long as we don’t base this off old myths and cultural conventions, we’ll be doing ourselves and our potential partner a favor.

If you do decide to invite your date to sleep over, or if you decide to accept their invitation, then you should remember the following. You’ve only just met each other. This can both make the night better, as it is spontaneous and wild. It does also mean that you most likely haven’t gotten around to talk about what you like and what you don’t like in bed. Remember that your first sexual experience together doesn’t have to define the following. Sex is so many different things, and we all like different things and can enjoy sex in our own ways. You can learn more if you’d like to explore your own fantasies.

What do you do after the first date?

If you spent the night at your date’s, you need to be wary of what you do. You might think it feels natural to make breakfast and perhaps even stay and hang out. And maybe your date does too. There is no way to tell, as they most likely wouldn’t just tell you to leave, if they like you. A first date can be both fun and draining, so most people prefer to spend the following day in their own company. As such, consider if they really want you to stay, or if they’re just being kind.