Tim Dillon Net Worth 2024: How Rich is The Loveable Comedian?

Tim J. Dillon is a 37-year-old American comedian, podcaster, and actor. Tim is the host of the podcast “The Tim Dillon Show.” He also appeared on the Netflix series “The Comedy Lineup” back in 2018, where he even executive produced his episode. 

Tim also recently starred in the Netflix stand-up special “Tim Dillon: A Real Hero.” The stand-up comedian is one of the most renowned entertainers in the country. Tim has definitely earned a lot of fame and money over the past few years. Let us know more about Tim Dillon’s Net Worth, early life, education, and achievements. 

Tim Dillon Net Worth

As of 2024, Tim Dillon’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. He is currently one of the highest-paid people on Patreon

Tim Dillon’s Main income

Tim Dillon’s main source of income is his live comedy shows. Thus, a major part of Tim Dillon’s net worth comes from the ticket sales of these shows. Dillon performs regularly as a stand-up comic at various comedy clubs as well as comedy festivals in the United States as well as overseas. 

Apart from his comedy shows, Tim Dillon is also a podcaster. He is currently hosting “The Tim Dillon Show,” where he talks about his personal life event and news topics. The subject usually revolves around the entertainment industry, American cultural issues, and politics. Ben Avery, who is the best friend of Tim and a producer, is also often featured on the podcast. 

His video podcast is available on YouTube, while the audio version is on Spotify. He is also on Patreon, a membership platform that lets fans and supporters connect to content creators. All these platforms contribute significantly to Dillon’s net worth. 

Tim has two YouTube channels – The Tim Dillon Show (486K subscribers) and Tim Dillon Show Clips (168K subscribers). The additional audio content on Patreon also fetches him a decent amount, as he has more than 29,000 paying subscribers on the platform. This also makes him one of the most popular podcasters on Patreon. 

By the end of 2021, it was estimated that Tim Dillon is earning around $180,000 in a month.

Tim Dillon’s Other income

Other than being an artist, Tim is also a real estate investor. The comedian owns a home in Austin, Texas, and has a $4 million estate in the Hamptons, New York.

Tim has also tried his hand at acting. While he was also a child actor as a kid and was on Sesame Street twice, he guest-starred in the TV series You Didn’t Want to Know, Resolutions, and Dollar Store Therapist. He was also most recently seen in the comedy movie Timing. 

Tim Dillon’s net worth is further increased by the sale of his official merchandise. He is the CEO of Fake Business, which is apparently a line of merchandise he sells online. 

Tim Dillon’s Social Media Accounts

Tim Dillon Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Tim is currently living in Los Angeles. He also resided in Austin, Texas, for a little while. The podcaster is homosexual and came out to his parents in his mid-twenties. However, there is no report of Tim being in a relationship with anyone. 

Tim also stated that he has struggled with substance abuse in the past. According to him, he started consuming drugs and alcohol at a very young age and had even become a cocaine addict. However, he claims that he has been sober for several years now. 

Tim Dillon’s Rise to Fame

Tim started his career as an office printer salesman. He also worked as a mortgage broker during the subprime mortgage crisis. However, he had to quit when the market crashed. He went on to become a New York City tour guide. 

Later, he decided to do stand-up comedy shows around 2010. But it wasn’t until 2016 that he rose to fame. He appeared at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal in the year 2016. The same year, Dillon appeared in Comedy Knockout, The 2016 Chris Gethard Election Special, and The Chris Gethard Show. 

He soon became a known name in the industry. Other than fame, he has also earned a lot of money over the past few years, which has boosted Tim Dillon’s net worth significantly. 

In 2017, Rolling Stone named Tim Dillon as one of the “10 Comedians You Need to Know”.  And there was no looking back for Tim. 

Recently, Tim co-hosted the Real Ass Podcast spin-off podcast Bastard Radio with Luis J. Gomez and Nick Mullen. A few months back, Tim even released his first standup special: Tim Dillon: A Real Hero, on Netflix. 

Tim Dillon’s Early Life & Education

Tim J. Dillon was born on January 22, 1985, in Island Park, New York. He is of Irish Catholic descent. Tim was very young when his parents got divorced. His mother was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

Tim’s second cousin – Robert “Bobby” Lopez is also a prominent public figure. He is an American songwriter for musicals. He is an EGOT winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards) and co-wrote the songs in Disney films, including “Frozen,” “Frozen 2,” and “Coco.” 

Stats & Facts

  • DOB – 22 January 1985 (37 years old)
  • Location – Los Angeles, California 
  • Height – 6 feet 1 inches (185.4 cm) 
  • Marital status – Single 

Tim Dillon’s Net Worth in 2025?

Tim has built a strong financial position for himself. And with his passion for comedy, he definitely has a long way to go. Dillon has also diversified his source of income in a brilliant manner. 

With more than three platforms fetching him a handsome amount each month, the future seems promising for the comedian. His real estate investments are also anticipated to offer him highly lucrative returns in the future. Tim Dillon’s net worth in 2025 is projected to increase as the loveable funnyman’s career is approaching critical mass.