The Rugby League: History, Betting and More

The National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia is the premier club competition that every Aussie is familiar with. It is an iconic part of their national identity and one of the highest rating games in the country. It was developed in 1907 and has a long history that makes it an integral part of the Australian culture. The league consists of 16 teams, from which 15 are Australian and one is based in New Zealand. The betting on the NRL is almost as old as the game itself.

Here, we will take a closer look at the history of the game and its betting arena.

Pre-Millennium History

Before the year 1998, the rugby league in Australia was split between two organizations; The Australian Rugby League (ARL) and the Super League. The two came together in 1998 and the National Rugby League was formed, in which 20 clubs participated. The ARL was owned by ARL and News Limited.

The popularity of the game was so well-received by the audience that the Grand Finale of the NRL in 1999, held at Stadium Australia, was attended by 107,999 spectators. This was a new world record for the largest rugby game attendance. The game was between Melbourne Storm and St George Illawarra Dragons. This was when the sport not only gained recognition but also stormed the betting action.

Post-Millennium NRL

Till the 2000s, several clubs out of the 20 were shut down leaving the league with only 14 clubs. Some clubs were merged into joint ventures and some dissolved. 2003 onwards, the NRL saw a boost in the number of spectators, sponsorships, media coverage, TV viewers, and royalties. Ever since the NRL has not seen a downward pattern. By 2010, there was a constitutional framework established to take the regulation of the NRL from the ARL and News Limited to an independent commission – the Australian Rugby League Commission.

How Can I Bet On the NRL?

When looking where to bet, the factors you should consider are the quality of odds and depth of markets. Since odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, it is important that you choose the right bookmaker to place your bet. The bookmaker that has the most number of promotions is recommended as they increase the chances of winning. A good bookmaker is also the one that gives the most tips and is regularly updated on the NRL happenings. Rugby league betting is one of the things that fans would love to do.

Betting on the NRL

The betting game on the NRL has seen a boost post-millennium as well. There are a number of wealth options provided to the betters to choose from. Moreover, all major Australian betting agencies are offering betting slips and odds on the NRL matches. These are some of the options:

  • Head to head market: This style of betting is the simplest way of betting which was practiced in the earliest of times. You can place a bet simply on the win of either team or on a draw.
  • Handicap or line betting: This option of betting became a popular option in NRL matches over the time. In this, you place the bet on the margin you fancy a team to win or lose with either big or small.
  • Amount of tries scored
  • On total points
  • Winning or losing the margin
  • First half or second half of the game
  • On players: There is a whole separate market werebetting on players is made. This market is for big players in the sports betting game as it involved huge chunks of money.