The Evolution of doors

Homes have continued to evolve over the years and doors have been a big part of that. Whether it be a Composite door, which has been a big part of the evolution within the industry. This innovation really is the perfect door at present for the regular homeowner. It has all changed in recent times as consumers move away from seeing doors as that ‘add on’ product, to a key important factor. The market has completely transformed with doors now surpassing the windows that had previously led the way. Consumers are now buying doors and adding the windows following this.

(Source: Truedor)

Doors used in homes today?

There are now three main doors used in the regular household today. These being the previously mentioned composite door, which will be covered in more detail below. The others are wooden doors and uPVC doors. Wooden doors were the first doors to really hit the market, and are still a popular choice today. They have a varied choice in design and are always very reliable for their effectiveness in security. Then uPVC doors are a much more modern concept. They are a much cheaper option than the wooden doors and require much less maintenance, such as through weathering. However with these two options they have many negatives, due to the limit option with design, which is why composite doors have really taken off in recent times.

So what is a composite door?

Composite doors are the newest type of door available for your home. They go against the mould of the usual singular material doors. They are made from a number of materials, which mean they negate the issues that come with the previous two. This is why composite doors are a much more reliable option for your home.

They are made up of materials such as wood, PVC, glass reinforced plastic and insulating foam. These combined result in a very strong and secure door for consumers. This means they are not only very resistant when it comes to weathering, but also have high thermal resistance due to the insulating foam. The product itself looks like a wooden door, but will not fade as the wood option does over time. This door is the future, which is why it has grown so fast since it hit the market. This well designed door is clearly the superior option and sets the bench mark high in the future of door design.