The Best Female Singing Groups of all Time

Source: Flickr | Pete Sekesan

A lot of female groups have been popping up since the 20th century.  Not all of them have had the chance to be regarded as the best or have their music pop up in crazyvegas casino online games. This article is dedicated to giving you some of the best female groups that to ever grace the stages of the musical industry.

 En Vogue

En Vogue was created when producers Denzel Foster and Thomas McElroy wanted to create a modern R&B collective influenced by the glory days of girl bands. They conducted screenings in 1988, formed the band En Vogue, and made their debut record, “Born to Sing,” in 1990. “Hold On,” the first song, was a No. 1 hit. En Vogue had earned seven Grammy Award nominations by both the end of the 1990s and had launched six top ten pop hit songs. While the group’s mainstream popularity waned after the 1990s, they continue to play live and produce new songs.


This is one of the best groups that ever rocked the music industry. But, when one of the members died, everything started going on a downward spiral afterwards. In 1990, producer Ian Burke and one of his clients, Crystal Jones, had the idea to form an R&B girl group with a hip-hop mentality to compete with all team Bell Biv Devoe. TLC’s final line-up was Lisa Lopes, Tionne Watkins, and Rozonda Thomas, after many versions inside which Jones was finally substituted until he got what he though was the best pick.

Destiny’s Child

It wouldn’t be the best list if we leave out this phenomenal group. The group started of with four member but later trimmed down to three members because the other member decided to be best big win casinos player. Later, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland managed to go on their successful solo careers. It was later disbanded in 2006. Now, Beyoncé is one of the biggest female artistes in the world.