The Best Bingo Variations

Bingo novices probably won’t be all that aware of this, but there are actually numerous different types of bingo that people can indulge in these days, and it definitely pays off to know what some of the best bingo variations are.

You might be wondering how on Earth it got to the point where there were so many different types of bingo available for people to play, but the truth is that bingo is an inherently multi-faceted game, so really there is no surprise. 

What do we mean by multi-faceted? Well, bingo originated as a lottery style game in the beginning, and it has also found a place in education, with schools using it to teach kids about various subjects over the last couple hundred of years at least.

To cut a long story short: there are all manner of different bingo variations around at the moment, so keep reading for our pick of the best bingo rules UK variations – you don’t want to be stuck playing an inferior bingo version, do you? 

75 ball bingo 

75 ball bingo is by far the most popular version of bingo played in North America, and by virtue of this it has also spread to other places like Brazil and Japan. 75 ball bingo uses – you guessed it – 75 different balls, and it also comes with a 5×5 scorecard. Unlike some other types of bingo 75 ball bingo players have to cross off certain patterns on their scorecards in order to win. 

As a result 75 ball bingo is also a lot quicker than other types of bingo, which has made it particularly well suited to the fast-pace online bingo environment. 

30 ball bingo 

Did you get excited about the mention of a fast-paced game of bingo? If the answer is yes then we would definitely recommend checking out the world of 30 ball bingo, as this is probably the quickest bingo variation to play a round in. 

30 ball bingo uses 30 balls of course, and the scorecards are also very small, with just a 3×3 grid being used. 30 ball bingo games, therefore, don’t really take very long at all to complete. 

90 ball bingo 

Whilst North America are obsessed with 75 ball bingo, players in the UK and much of the rest of Europe are equally obsessed with 90 ball bingo, a version of the game that takes slightly longer than 75 ball bingo, and has different scorecards involved too. 

For example, the scorecards on 90 ball bingo use a 3×5 grid, and players have to cross all of them off in order to hit a true bingo jackpot win. 

Blackout bingo 

Blackout bingo is a fun variation on 75 ball bingo, and it is played using the same number of balls and the same scorecards. The difference is, however, that in order to win at blackout bingo you have to cross absolutely all of your numbers off, a little reminiscent to 90 ball bingo, for example.