Technology Inventions to Take You Back in Time

Online casinos are not the only good technology innovations that came out of the 90s. The 1990s are some of the best tech years when it comes to making life changing inventions and building them from scratch. Here is a look at some of the best technological innovations that are still to be surpassed.

The World Wide Web

The internet is one of the best tech inventions ever made. It helped connect the word in so many ways by allowing different people around the globe to interact without the time and the distance barrier and play gamble online for real money games together anywhere.
The Web browser was created by Tim Barnes-Lee and Robert Cailliau to help connect the internet with hypertext in order to make the whole communication process a lot easier.


Not only Amazon was created in the 90s, but the whole idea of e-commerce was created back in the day. Amazon and eBay came to life in 1995 and Alibaba followed four years later. E-Commerce has made the interaction between different businesses a whole easier.

You can easily buy and sell your products on these platforms and they come with so much convenience in connecting the business world.


Java is one of the most important programming companies in the world right now. And, it managed to override other programmers after its invention back in 1995. The whole idea was initially developed by Sun Microsystems but it is now owned by Oracle since 2010.

Java has been described as one of the most secure programming languages right now. The language can be used on different mobile or PC applications which includes jeux de casino sur goldenrivieracasino too.


DVDs out phased the VHS tape market and although they are now being phased out as well by external disc drives and flash drives, they were quite a hit back then. Digital Video Discs started penetrating the entertainment industry between the mid and the late 90s.

They quickly became popular because they came with better picture and sound quality in comparison to their completion.