Smart, Sexy, Sassy? – What Beautiful Hair Says About You

Have you ever asked a woman what her hair means to her? While she probably won’t answer your question, at least you’ll get a bemused look back in response…

For a woman, her hair is more than just a crowning glory. Beautiful hair is an extension of her personality. It reveals everything about who she is. It helps her assume different roles and project the character she wishes to display. By just changing her hair color, she can show off a different facet of her individuality. She uses her hair to become a new person each day. And, to match her mood and talk about her thoughts and feelings.

Read ahead for some hidden truths about beautiful hair that you never knew. Prepare to be amazed.

Your Hair Style Reflects Who You Are

Did you know that simply by looking at the hairdo that you love to see best on yourself, it is possible to understand the person you are? If you like the simple knot at the base of your nape, you’re the bedrock of your family and workplace. You’ll always remain in control of yourself and the situation no matter how chaotic it can get.

Do you like to see your hair in a high pony? Then, you’re the go-getter who loves hard work and can get an amazing amount of stuff done quickly. Would you prefer the low-maintenance pixie cut? Then you’re always the life of the room. You sparkle with your sense of humor and warm, loving nature.

Let’s try another. Do you like to wear your beautiful hair in loose curls falling around your face? You’re the idealist and romantic who can never believe that any person can be anything less than perfect in every way. People adore you and love to have you around.

But, You Can Also Use Your Hair to Project Who You Want to Be

You can choose different styles according to the persona you wish to project. If you want to look like the no-nonsense executive who rules the boardroom, you’ll need a short bob that is easy to manage and keep in place. Having neat, beautiful hair without a strand out of place indicates that you pay careful attention to detail. And, you expect perfection and efficiency from the people you work with.

As Lucy Segal, health, beauty, and lifestyle expert would say, “As women, we’re [unfortunately] not just recognized for our work and how well we can write a report or complete a balance sheet, but we’re viewed, and often even judged, by our looks. Don’t stand out for them, other than to appear professional, clean, neat and well put together. Your hair shouldn’t be too short, funky, spiky or excessively long and filled with extensions, especially as you get older.”

But, say, you’re a teacher who likes to be warm and forthcoming. You’ll want to project a simple, natural personality that your young students trust and find approachable. Wear your beautiful hair in a low ponytail at the base of the nape.

Your Hair Can Reveal Your Feelings

Picture this scenario. When a man is readying himself to get down to some serious business, here’s what he does. He sheds his jacket, loosens his tie or takes it off, opens the top button of his shirt, and rolls up his sleeves. A woman? She ties back her hair. And, instantly, she steps into the action mode – ready to take on the world.

Ever watch a woman out on a date with the man of her dreams? She’ll wear her hair around her face defining and accentuating her best features. Her beautiful hair will indicate that she’s interested and available. She’ll tilt her head, nip at her lip just a little, and toss and flip her hair.

We all know what that can do to a man’s heart.

You Can Use Your Hair Color to Say a Lot About Your Personality

At the risk of stereotyping, your hair color can also say a lot. Ever notice how people in your workplace instinctively rely on the brunette? She projects the practical, conservative type who’ll always get the job done. Choose to color your beautiful hair red, and you’ll come across as a focused, strong individual who is passionate about everything she does. Thinking of going blond? Go ahead, if you want to show off your fun-loving side.

Interestingly, Your Hair Can Affect Your Moods Too

Do you have those days when no matter what you do, your hair refuses to behave? Like every woman knows, a bad hair day invariably results in Murphy’s Law coming true. Everything that can even remotely go wrong – does go wrong.

So, you see? If your beautiful hair can indicate that you’re feeling great and all’s well with the world, a bad hair day can have the exact opposite effect. You’ll feel not-so-perfect and not in control of your world. Bad hair can take away from your self-esteem and confidence. And, make you feel just a little less of yourself.

Make Sure You Have Beautiful Hair Every Day

Given the significance of your hair in your life, you’ll want it to be perfect always. Nourish it, pamper it, and you’ll feel like you’re pampering you. One of the best treatments you can get to maintain beautiful hair is the NeoGraft LTS Red/Green procedure. It stimulates blood flow and circulation in the scalp so that it grows thick, lustrous, and healthy.

Did you know that you actually have an advantage when dealing with hair damage issues like hair loss? Women never lose hair in patches like men. At the most, you might notice thinning hair and perhaps, a little less hair all over the scalp. In rare cases, if you do see patches, they can be easily fixed with the NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction process.

Your hair is an essential part of you and your personality. It is an extension of who you are. To keep it looking gorgeous always, look for these treatments at a certified clinic close to where you live. Or, the next time you visit California, you could check out the Los Angeles hair restoration procedures.

Care for your hair so it can keep pace with your many moods and personalities. Color it, cut it, curl it, grow it, style it, play with it as you will.

So, who would you like to be today?