Site Safety – 5 Of The Most Important Safety Features On A Modern Mining Site

Photo: Jonny Caspari/Unsplash

Although still one of the most dangerous industries to work in, mining has come a long way from when explosives were simply thrown into a hole and everyone stood back hoping for the best. With health and safety policies in place, improved personal safety clothing, and snow ploughs available for the winter months (here is one of the bigger retailers), we now have policies and procedures to keep everything organized and modern technology that helps keep us safe. Do you ever wonder which parts of a modern mining site’s setup are the most important safety features? Read on to find out.


One of the most important safety factors when working on a mining site is the ability to see properly. That’s why LED mining light towers are vital. These towers provide a convenient, energy-efficient lighting solution that helps keep everyone safe while also being far better for the environment than previous tactics used to brighten things up.

Guard Rails And Barriers

While the number of guard rails and barriers on-site may seem excessive at first, each and every design feature on a mining site is created with optimal safety in mind. When dealing with explosives, unstable ground, confined spaces, and all of the other environmental risks present in mines, it is paramount that workers have a clear understanding of where it’s actually safe to be. Barriers are central to keeping them in that safe zone if anything goes wrong.


You may be surprised by the array of sensors and monitoring equipment you’ll find in the average mining site. Nearly every machine will have its own set of sensors. Then there are the general protective measures such as gas sensors which cover the entire site. In some cases, mineworkers may even find that they are required to use personal monitoring sensors. However, both cases require regular gas detector calibration services to ensure these sensors are in working order and ok to use. Each one of these contraptions helps boost safety in its own way, with some, such as gas sensors, revolutionizing the industry.

A Robust Workforce Management System

Keeping track of employee hours may not seem all that crucial to safety on-site, but it’s actually quite integral. Knowing who’s on-site and what they’re doing at any given time helps management keep everyone safe in general, but it is particularly important if something goes wrong. A robust workforce management system helps ensure that everyone can be accounted for if evacuation is ever required. If your site operates on a cloud-based platform, it can also be used to efficiently share information or issue alerts that can impact worker safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

Although plenty of aspects on mining sites are designed specifically to keep us safe these days, personal protective equipment (also known as PPE) will always be a vital safety measure. While the site has a responsibility to keep workers safe, each individual is also responsible for their own wellbeing. That’s why it’s always important to wear your hard hat, safety glasses, and any other PPE required by site guidelines.

The safety of all personnel on-site is, and always should be, of the highest importance in the mining industry. While some of the safety features listed in this article may seem a little odd, they all work together to help ensure that everyone gets to go home in one piece at the end of the day. As technology advances, these safety features will also move with the times, but at present, these options are definitely some of the most important. So, if your site doesn’t have everything on this list, it’s definitely time to update your protocols. Have a safe and happy day!