Reasons to Choose a Career in Technology Over Other Jobs

The tech industry is one of the most common destinations in our era. The vast majority of careers in this field have a promising future. Hiring rates, salaries, job benefits, and growth prospects are enough reasons to choose tech careers over other jobs.

However, if you are a young student or a career changer, this is the definitive guide. You will discover the main reasons why tech career paths are currently the best professional alternative. However, we will first show you data to understand the impact of this industry in this century.

Tech Jobs in this Century: All You Need to Know

Salaries in the United States can vary due to many factors. States, companies, numbers of hours worked, and experience can determine tech worker wages. Visual Capitalists made a ranking of the States of America that shows the percentage difference between the tech salaries and the earnings of the rest of the occupations:

  1. Alabama: 85 percent
  2. Washington: 83 percent
  3. North Carolina: 80 percent
  4. Texas: 79 percent
  5. Virginia: 78 percent

On the other hand, tech workers in Alaska, Wyoming, DC, and North Dakota earn less than other jobs. Although the difference can be long, many job offers can be improved through other alternatives like freelance platforms or digital business.

The difference in salaries and job opportunities also depends on the roles. In this case, the current market favours many positions within the tech industry. This way, we can deduce that demand is the main factor that explains the salary figures. In the list below, you will see a summary of tech jobs with the best salaries and job outlooks, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

OccupationAverage SalaryJob Outlook
Data Analyst$126,83022 percent
Computer Network Architect$120,5205 percent
Software Developer$110,14022 percent
Information Security Analyst$102,60033 percent
Database Administrators and Architects$98,8608 percent

Growth is a constant element in this market. BLS projections also estimate that between 2020 and 2030, there will be more than 660,000 new openings for tech-related fields in the United States. Meanwhile, salary benefits are also strong reasons to consider these jobs.

Even occupations with lower demand and earnings still have numbers better than the general average. Web developers, software engineers, and network administrators earn more than $60,000 per year.

Career Opportunities

One of the advantages of this new era is the academic facilities. Although universities are the main professional training centers, alternative education has a large share in the tech workforce.

If you want to start a tech career but can’t afford a college degree, pay attention to bootcamps. These schools are among the best ways to learn tech skills and get certified to find a job. In the bullet list below, you will see some advantages of coding bootcamps:

  • Career services: Most schools offer job assistance that helps students become the right professionals for any employer.
  • Funding options: Although bootcamp tuition is cheaper than college degrees, you can access loans, scholarships, and financing programs to pay for your education.
  • Mixed schedules: Famous schools like General Assembly, Thinkful, Springboard, App Academy, and Flatiron School have mixed programs for students. You can enroll in full-time, part-time, and self-paced courses.
  • Content on demand: The bootcamp syllabus is updated according to new market trends. The goal is to ensure that professionals learn real-world skills to be perfect candidates for any project.
  • Hiring partners: The best bootcamps have partners who hire graduates after completing the course. This sponsorship benefits everyone, including the school, the students, and the companies.

You can become a professional in a few months and access incredible opportunities. Bootcamps and online courses are smart ways to increase your professional development while saving money.

Better Work Environment

The tech industry is one of the pioneers in modern schemes for workers. This innovation plans to stop the growth of the Great Resignation movement. One of the most common benefits is hybrid schedules, an alternative to reduce the pressure of working in person and increase productivity through the home office.

Big companies like Google and Facebook are also investing in less toxic and healthier work environments. This new dynamic includes mental health sessions, group workshops, workspaces with reduced capacity, and less strict dress standards, among others.


Choosing a tech career is the best decision if you want a successful future. All projections are favourable in this century. Invest in your education and prepare yourself for one of the best professional experiences in your life.