Proving That Your Child Has Been Misdiagnosed

When you’re feeling under the weather, you can go to a doctor and have a short conversation about what may be afflicting you. By way of lab tests and an analysis of your symptoms, physicians can tell you with certainty that you have a particular disorder. With children, the focus tends to be on interpretation. Even when they’re old enough to tell their parents and doctors why they don’t feel well, their symptoms can be misdiagnosed. Often, parents need to have certainty that their children have been misdiagnosed to get appropriate medical and legal help. A graduate of Hofstra Law may be able to assist you in proving that a misdiagnosis has occurred. Leading health programs and their graduates have an eye for sorting out medical discrepancies so that clients may recover with limited complications.

When the Symptoms Don’t Point to a Particular Disorder

When children try to describe the severity of the symptoms they are experiencing, they usually won’t be able to tell extreme pain from a dull ache. Although medical tests exist to locate tumors, foreign bodies, etc., doctors usually need to understand what the symptoms are to order the right kind of tests. Even though your child’s misdiagnosis may have been a sincere error, the proper medical intervention will be difficult to get unless you have an official record. This is why professionals with a health care law degree are open to having consultations with new clients to advise them of the best action they can take.

Analyzing Medical Documents

Medical diagnoses are put on patient medical records so that other professionals know what medicines to prescribe, as well as how to avoid treating patients in a manner that might worsen their symptoms. If you have a child who is not progressing and you fear that a misdiagnosis has taken place, you will need proof before anything will change. You can get a copy of your child’s medical records so that more testing can be ordered. A new diagnosis must be found in order to rule that the previous medical treatment course was inappropriate.

Locating a Pediatric Medical Expert

In cases of suspected child patient who has been misdiagnosed, you really shouldn’t go to a different pediatrician. Instead, finding a pediatric doctor who specializes in whatever is ailing your child, as he will help to lead you to the right diagnosis being made. Specialty doctors are experienced in areas such as ears, nose, and throat, or oncology, so they generally have seen misdiagnoses before and can recommend what you and your child should do next.

If a patient is not diagnosed properly, the wrong medicines can be given. Children can be adversely impacted when they take strong medications such as antibiotics and steroids, so getting the correct diagnosis will reduce the negative impact of serious side effects from prescription drugs. Misdiagnosis might also cause your child to undergo a procedure that could’ve been avoided. The faster you are able to learn what is truly troubling your child, the more likely it is that you and your family will be able to progress without facing a potential tragedy.