Promotional Tools Sports Teams Can Use to Increase Sales and Interest

Though friends and family may be immediate fans, and others in the audience become followers after seeing good gameplay, it can take a lot of effort for sports teams to gain additional audience members and get people to come and root for them. Not only do they want people to come to their games, they also want to encourage them to purchase merchandise and develop a long-term interest in the team overall. Through promotional efforts and giveaways, any sports team looking to boost its likability factor can do so.

Offer a Team Merchandise Giveaway

One lucky ticket buyer can earn a team merchandise giveaway. This encourages ticket sales and helps increase interest in the team overall. A merchandise giveaway can be something as simple as a pair of socks and a hat with the team’s logo. Companies like Socks Rock offer sports merchandise for well-known teams, as well as allow customers to create a custom order. Lesser known teams can create an order like this and use it for their giveaway purposes to get people’s’ attention. These giveaways can happen at the game themselves also, with a few different people earning some merchandise before the game ends. It’s a great way to gain attention and keep people interested in what the team is doing.

Use Data Analytics

Following the data is always a surefire way to get results. The data doesn’t lie. Use advanced analytics software to track ticket purchases, email correspondence, and more. Using this information allows the sales representative of the team to determine who is best to target. Fans who have already been to several games are more likely to continue this trend of showing up. Those who have only been to a game or two may need more convincing to come again in the future. These are the people who should be targeted with additional promotional options. It’s just one of the smart strategies sports team can use to boost sales.

Reward Fan Loyalty

Loyalty programs come in handy for many companies, and sports teams can use them too. Rewarding fan loyalty by giving discounts on tickets to repeat buyers, such as offering season passes at a discounted price, is one option. Providing additional incentives, like getting to meet the players, having the person’s name put in a hall of fame, or allowing someone to join the tunnel before the game, is a great way to encourage repeat sales as well. Make it so that a loyal customer gets something every so often, such as for every 10 games they attend, or for spending so much money at the games. It’s an easy way to encourage spending and keep people buying tickets or merchandise.

The Benefits of Branding

Strong brands developed into such a namesake due to customer loyalty. Customers continue to come back because they agree with the values the brand is about and they have developed an interest in the company. Sports team branding is important because it makes people more likely to care about the team and continue to offer their support. Branding is much more than just the logo. Offering a website that provides insight into who the players are and what they stand for is one way to get others to see how alike they are. Providing access to the players via meet and greets is also helpful. With shared values, goals, and interest, people are more likely to root for those players and that team.

Promotional tools can go a long way in peaking people’s interest and gaining new fans for a sports team. Using several different strategies is key to ensure more of a target audience is reached and sales are made. With interest developed, more and more fans are likely to purchase tickets and continue attending events where the team is present.