Philadelphia Sports Betting Is Now a Reality at Parx Casino

If you love to place a bet on your favorite sporting competition from time to time, yet you hate the prospect of going to Vegas just to do so, then you will want to pay attention to this post. Thanks to recent changes in legislation across the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Sports Betting is now a reality. Parx Casino is one of the licensed operations that now offer this service to its customers. Long established as a reputable horse racing site and casino gaming facility, you can now legally place bets on your favorite sporting competitions. This is a great addition to the entertainment scene.

Different Types of Bets

One of the great parts of Philadelphia Sports Betting is that there are so many different types of wagers that can be made. With a spread bet, for example, you will be wagering either for or against a certain team to win or lose by a predetermined number of points or goals. There is also a straight money bet where you place money on a team to win. If they do, you will win the bet at the odds that were available when you placed your bet. You can also place an over/under bet where you are wagering on the total number of points or goals scored. Not every sport has every type of bet available. Here are some examples.


Here is an individual sport that is ripe for Philadelphia Sports Betting. You choose who you think will win, take a look at the odds, and then place your bet. There are no point spreads to worry about with tennis.


Golf is yet another sport that you can place a wager on in Philadelphia. The odds for each golfer are published. You will have to get the winner right, but you can win big if you do.


With boxing, the odds are published in advance of the fight. There are no point spreads to be concerned with. You either choose the correct winner or you do not. A split decision will simply result in your bet being returned back to you.


With Philadelphia Sports Betting, you can place wagers on soccer contests from around the world. This is quite exciting, as there are typically three possible outcomes when you take into account the draw. You can place a straight money bet on the outcome, or you can choose to go with the published line.


With a season that spans nearly half the year, there are a lot of basketball games available to bet on. You can choose to follow the published line or place a straight money bet. You can also bet the over/under based on the total number of points scored. Keep in mind that any overtime periods count towards the total.


It is no secret that the NFL is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world. This makes it so much fun to bet on. Don’t forget to look for the Super Bowl that takes place the first Sunday of every February.

These eight sports are now available at Parx Casino. Philadelphia Sports Betting is easy to take part in. If you have been looking for a way to get involved, now is your chance. Just decide how much you want to wager and what odds appeal to you the most. The key is to make it fun so you can just sit back and watch the game. Parx Casino is also available online to make this even more accessible to you today.