Newsflash: Licorice can be healthy

It’s one of those love it or hate it foods. There’s no doubt that licorice can really split opinion although contrary to popular belief, it’s something that can make a really positive difference to your overall health if used in the correct way.

All sorts of studies have been done about licorice, whether it’s the extract or licorice candy themselves. Here is a round-up of what some of this uncovers.

It’s great for the stomach

We found out this first point through WebMD, so the research already sounds promising.

Put simply, there are some studies which have found that licorice can treat stomach ulcers, or even basic inflammation of the stomach.

Suffering from joint pain? Turn to licorice

As anyone who has struggled with joint pain will testify, there are all sorts of apparent ways to solve the issue.

Well, as the tone of today’s article may have already given away, the L-word is included in this list. Some have likened licorice to natural corticosteroids, which are ultimately designed to reduce inflammation.

There are links with the prevention of hair loss

There are also some studies which link licorice with the prevention of hair loss. Granted, little science is behind this, but the theory from several natural remedy experts is that licorice root is able to open up the pores of the scalp and ultimately encourage hair growth.

It can help the kidneys (for some of us)

This next point is a really interesting one. Firstly, if you actually suffer from a kidney problem, it’s actually recommended not to turn to licorice.

However, for the general population, this is something that can boost estrogen production and in turn, this can benefit the state of the kidneys.

Is this the cure for the common cold?

Suffice to say, it’s not a cure for the common cold. Some evidence has suggested that it might help in some respects though, as licorice is able to help the body produce so-called healthy mucus. This makes it harder for sticky mucus to clog up and ultimately wreak havoc with our respiratory system.

Licorice can fight general infections

It has also been found that licorice can help stave the effects of infections in the throat. This is mainly due to the antibacterial properties that licorice has.