Most popular online slot types

Gambling has been a pretty essential fixture in the history of human civilization for quite some time now, with evidence to suggest that our ancestors many thousands of years ago were engaging in rudimentary gambling games even back then. And in reality is that even that surprising? Our love for gambling in the modern day is pretty well documented, and it would be silly to think that this passion is anything new. Gambling is just great fun; always has been, always will be! 

But here’s the thing; whereas the gamblers of several thousand years ago had to be fairly content to gamble with rudimentary playing cards, these days there are all manner of different avenues available to us. This is especially true of the 21st century, where things like online casino and online slots have resulted in a huge new wave of gambling passion. Online slots such as Lucky Leprechaun Slot are undeniably one of the main reasons for this, so let’s explore some different online slot types here.

Progressive jackpot online slots 

Progressive jackpot online slots are definitely the most striking kind of online slot game available in today’s online casino world, mainly because they regularly offer the opportunity to score some truly stratospheric jackpots. Seriously, if you are on the look out for a nice jackpot prize, there really is no looking past progressive jackpot slots, as these have been responsible for all of the biggest online slot jackpots over the years. 

The reason why is because progressive jackpot slots increase their prize size along with every losing spin, something that means that the jackpot prize is pretty much always increasing! The only downside is that the odds of winning are much smaller than on other slot types. 

Megaways online slots 

It is fun looking at the modern online slot industry these days, mainly because it always seems as though developers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil or Big Time Gaming are trying to push things forward. This is especially true of the latter company, as Big Time Gaming have been responsible for one of the most profound online slot shifts of the last decade with their critically acclaimed Megaways technology. 

Megaways increases the available ways to win by an unprecedented amount, with there regularly being over 100,000 ways on most Megaways slots. This is because wins can be made in any direction, negating the need for the traditional pay line system. 

Vintage online slots 

As nice as it is that the online slot industry is consistently evolving, there are many people who miss the old days of vintage and much more simple slot machines, however luckily enough there has been a new wave of vintage slots catering to the older market. 

These games are often quite simple, usually have only 3 reel and one pay line, with limited bonus features and symbols. This makes them absolutely perfect for online slot beginners, as the simplicity makes them really easy to pick up. Moreover, they provide a delightfully nostalgic view into the history of slots in general.