Misconceptions About Kombucha You May Have Not Heard Of

Keeping yourself healthy should always be your priority because you will run into severe health complications that affect your daily life. One issue you might encounter with an unhealthy body is obesity, a global problem. If you do not want to experience obesity and other illnesses, you can start by swapping out unhealthy drinks with healthy ones. 

One healthy drink you might be interested in is the kombucha drink, a fermented, slightly fizzy, sweetened liquid. You can find many people turning to kombucha because of the many health benefits it can provide to a person. However, there are also several misconceptions surrounding it that are preventing people from consuming it. 

Misconception #1. Kombucha is an alcoholic drink

One misconception that you might have heard about kombucha is that it is an alcoholic drink that could cause a person to get drunk. That is far from the truth because kombucha has zero traces of alcohol content. You can drink six bottles of kombucha drinks, use a breathalyzer test after, and expect a result that shows 0.00.

While there are kombucha alcoholic drinks in some bars, drinking natural kombucha will never get you drunk. You can even let your kids drink several bottles of kombucha drinks, and they will never feel any alcoholic effects. You can only consider it an alcoholic drink when it has a minimum of 0.08% alcohol content, and kombucha will never reach that number. 

Misconception #2. You should only drink small amounts of kombucha

If it is your first time drinking a kombucha drink, you will be glad to know that you will never have any problems drinking it multiple times every day. Most of the time, people would buy cases of kombucha drinks and store them in their fridge to consume them all the time. However, you should only drink it moderately to ensure you do not get a stomach ache after. 

It would be best to drink kombucha after every meal or include it in your diet plan to ensure you get its positive effects. The tea leaf improves one’s metabolism, which is essential for people who want to lose weight. And if you have stomach problems like diarrhea, drinking one or two bottles of kombucha can help alleviate it.

Misconception #3. Kombucha is extremely high in caffeine

You should not worry about kombucha increasing your sugar level because it is extremely low on caffeine. While kombucha may come from tea, its caffeine levels can be significantly reduced through fermentation. The longer the fermentation process, the less caffeine count from the tea. 

Misconception #4. Kombucha can cure everything

If you plan on using kombucha drinks to cure all of your existing diseases, you should expect that it will not work because it is not a cure-all for all types of health complications. Most of the time, kombucha drinks can only aid in certain things, such as improving body metabolism and increasing probiotics within the stomach for better digestion. You can say that kombucha drinks act as a supplement to keep your body in top shape after taking medicines and eating a healthy meal. 

You can find that kombucha can be turned into a tasty drink that kids and adults can enjoy anytime. Some flavours include apple, pear, mango, and mixed berries, to name a few. Hopefully, you can convince yourself to drink kombucha after learning the different misconceptions mentioned above.

Author name: Sylvia James