Math-based approach to win slot games

If there is one thing about the art of gambling that is absolutely and undeniably true, it is that the framework which all casino games work on is inherently tied in with mathematics and the concept of probability. Just think about it, anything that you could ever do in a casino is tied to probability and chance, and ultimately whether you win or lose on things like slot games is governed completely by this – play now at SlotsBaby.

But what many people get wrong is the fact that this reliance on chance does not have to mean that slot games are random and that gamblers cannot do anything to increase their chances of a win – fair from it in fact. There are various maths-based approaches to win slot games, read ahead for a pick of the best!

The basic maths behind slot games 

Before we get into it let’s just take a quick look at the basic maths behind slot games. Modern slots work using something called an RNG – Random Number Generator – to make sure that the reels are spinning randomly, so each game is as fair and transparent as possible. Developers will then add all sorts of variations such as number of reels, bonus features and slot volatility, which in turn explain why each slot has slightly different odds. 

The best way to start a maths-based approach to win slot games is to simply understand a little about how these odds work. For instance, we have RTP that is given as a percentage to signify the average amount you can expect to see back from your stake, and there are also other things like slot volatility too. 

Using RTP to help you win slot games 

Let’s take a look at how one can use RTP to help you win slot games. This stands for Return To Player, and as we have mentioned it gives you an idea of the average amount you will win back from your overall wager on any given slot game. 

A maths-based approach to winning slot games can be simply to choose a game with a higher RTP rating, as this will increase your odds of winning money. 

Using variance to help you win slot games 

Slot variance is another mathematical thing that can help you win slot games. Variance, or volatility, corresponds to how easy or hard it is to win big or small on a specific game, and understanding this concept will do wonders in how you place your bets. 

For example, on a high variance slot gamblers will need to place big bets to have a chance of winning the large prizes, and vice-versa, on low variance slots gamblers will need to plug away with smaller bets and smaller wins, but without the possibility of losing big too. 

Some more math-based approaches to win slot games 

Another math-based approach to winning slot games that some gamblers swear by is counting the average number of spins before a win, and then betting accordingly.