Love making playlists

Music has power. Since ancient times, sounds have been used for different purposes. Whether to motivate when doing a physical activity, to relax whilst reading or concentrating, among many others.

Music plays an important role in the development of many skills, such as social, cultural, and linguistic development. In addition to fostering creativeness, rhythm skills and the coordination of movements.

Not only that, music also acts as a strategic factor in facilitating students’ learning, as well as aiding cognitive, motor and emotional development, and can also be used as an auxiliary therapy for patients with depression or Alzheimer’s disease, for example.  

And it does not cause surprise, as listening to music provokes the release of hormones such as endorphin and oxytocin… known to be the “hormones of happiness”, for providing feelings such as pleasure, relief of anxiety, etc.

“Dancing Queen”  – ABBA

Who has never listened to a song and was “dancing queen” to a moment? Music has this power. Maybe that’s why it is such a worldwide practice. Besides being a great form of entertainment, it is also very beneficial to the health of both body and psyche.

Harmony, melody and rhythm. Such a simple and right combination. Can anyone imagine a film without a soundtrack? And the world without sound? Not at all, right?

The music that was played on the wedding day, the sound of the first words of a child, the track that played in the background when making love for the first time with the person you love… There are many moments that are eternalized and become unforgettable through sound.

Thinking about it, Skokka along with the most beautiful escorts from Cardiff will elaborate on the topic and help in preparing the best playlist to indulge in love.

But then, how to make a cool sexual playlist?


First of all, it is important to think about preferences… As each person is unique and tastes vary, with music it couldn’t be different. Knowing a little bit about your partner’s musical preferences can be a key factor in preparing a successful playlist. If this is not possible, there are certain musical genres that are more linked to seduction and romanticism, such as old pop, blues, jazz, soul… by using them, it becomes more difficult to make mistakes in the set up of the music session.

Consider the rhythms

It is already known that sex does not only occur at the moment of penetration, but throughout the entire stage before and after the act itself. Therefore, it is interesting to choose a music set for each moment.

In other words, the phases take place basically between the suspense of the moment of seduction, the excitement of the act or the foreplay and the calmness that follows after it is over. With this in mind, it is easier to choose appropriate rhythms for the songs, isn’t it?

Love songs

As previously mentioned, it all starts with seduction… the game of looks, a smile, and all these things which compose the first stage of the sexual act, are beautifully wrapped up in romantic songs. Those which make the atmosphere lighter and more relaxed, and carry an air of mystery.

Timeless classics could be:

Crying out your name – Loreen

God gave me you – Eric Gadd

My body says yes – Titiyo

Songs to heat up the mood

After wrapping up all this air of mystery, it’s time for the action to begin. At this point, it’s worth teasing the desires and senses so that the mood starts to heat up… The moment of foreplay and the act itself.

More upbeat songs with a touch of sensuality fit perfectly here, and these are good examples given by the professional Exeter escorts:

Heroes – Måns Zelmerlöw

I’ll be your baby tonight – Hanne Boel

Låtsas Som Inget Hänt – Ansiktet

Knäpper mina fingrar – Linda Pira

Relaxation and good mood

After enjoying it beautifully, it’s time to relax… The moods start to subside again, making it the perfect time for soothing, mood-elevating music. The variety is enormous, from nature sounds, reggae, blues or any other. The important thing is to enjoy the company and chill out remembering the best moments of the act.  

It’s a rough ride we’re on – Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings

Svever – RadCon

Dronning Ellisiv – Myrkur

Helvegen – Kalandra

…are good examples.

In the end, music plays a very important role in intimate moments for everyone, couples, random hookups and even for the sexy Darwin escorts. Streaming platforms like Spotify offer custom playlists for example to rock that hour where it’s just the two of you (or not). Making the moment of pleasure even more special… but for those who are looking for something more exclusive and unique, putting together the perfect soundtrack with all these tips has now become easier.

Fdo.: Luna Díaz