James River Capital

The COVID-19 has interfered with normal business operations, with many companies adjusting their operations to ensure they remain productive. Company leaders have a significant responsibility to ensure that their companies continue operating without compromising their employees’ safety. Accommodating and supporting your team through the crisis fosters a healthy culture and trust.

About James River Capital

The Manakin-Sabot, Virginia based firm deals in alternative investment such as commodity trading and many more strategies. Since its creation in 1995, it has grown into a recognized company and achieved positive returns.

It received the GSM’s Invest Hedge Award for 500 million to 1 billion dollars category and United States Hedge Fund Performance Award in 2014. Additionally, the firm was recognized by the Global Fund Awards as the winner of Corporate Live Wire and got an Investors Choice Award.

James River Capital believes the risk-adjusted return can be improved by incorporating alternative investment into traditional investment-filled portfolios. The firm is registered as a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and an Investment Advisor in the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Positive Leadership during COVID-19

There were plenty of expectations when 2020 started, but nothing has gone according to plan. The year that was meant to be a year of prosperity and innovation has turned into one where company leaders such as Paul Saunders, James River Capital’s CEO, have had to work hard to maintain the business’s status quo. As people go back to work, it is paramount for company leaders to help their employees stay safe and feel comfortable.

You might not have an instructional manual for handling operations during a worldwide pandemic, but you can lead your business to growth and productivity beyond 2020. You can consider some of the ideas of the CEO of James River Capital.


Staying silent during this time is a bad idea because your employees are anxious and looking up to you to reassure their safety and job security. You can communicate the company’s COVID-19 policies weekly through email, pre-recorded video, or an office meeting but make sure you maintain social distancing. Be transparent about the company’s current and future situation, and be optimistic even when things are not working well.

Prioritize safety

Safety should be a priority in your company, so it is vital to make the necessary changes to keep everybody at the office safe. You can consider adding social distancing spaces, professional cleaning, block schedules, and free PPEs. Furthermore, please do not overlook the option of working from home and remind your workforce about the strides you are making to keep them safe.

Employee Empowerment

Although you are in charge of making most of your company’s decisions, keep in mind that your employees have to live with them, so consider collaborating with them and listening to their opinions and concerns. Paul has considered using collaboration in his company to come up with a customized work schedule. Doing so empowers your employees and makes them feel heard.

Have fun

It is vital to remember that results are not entirely about productivity and metrics, so let your employees have fun to relieve stress. During these difficult times, a bit of fun can put your employees in a better state of mind, boosting their resilience.


Worrying about your safety and meeting your deadlines and quotas can be overwhelming, so employers should be flexible. Although you cannot ignore productivity, consider giving generous PTO, extended deadlines, and casual dress codes.

While company leaders cannot solve every world problem, they can help their employees through difficult times. This time calls for positive leadership instead of hard leadership because proactivity and positivity will promote employees’ success in a world with COVID-19.