Is it possible to reschedule a job interview and how to do it better

After a long search for a job, you may finally get a call from the recruiter for a meeting to discuss your future employment in the company. Yet, there are several reasons for not being able to attend an interview you’ve been waiting for months. Some of them may include an illness, like the flu or a stomach bug, but you should not get down as there are many ways to reschedule it. is an excellent platform for job searching that explains what to do in the scenario of having to reschedule your long-awaited interview. This article will provide the essential steps that you should follow in the case of such misfortune.

Adequate reasons

In order to reschedule your interview, you need to give good reasons. This would include physical restraints like having the flu or a stomach ache. The recruiters will understand as they would willingly avoid getting someone with millions of bacteria to the office. Therefore, if you are a good candidate, the representatives will be eager to reschedule the meeting for any time of your mutual convenience. Just let them know it is for a good reason.

 Appropriate timing

The second step you should do to make the interview happen is to offer an appropriate timing to reschedule it. For example, try to give a reasonable time to set a new date, like the same week or at least the same month. The reason is that in this competitive capitalist world, there is no time to be ill, as other candidates will surge in front of you within a blink of an eye. Therefore, try to treat your illness fast and get on with that interview as soon as you can. To look through would be a good solution to your answers as the website tells you exactly what the best timing for the next meeting is. So use their advice and get on with rescheduling your interview.

Tone and professionalism

While you negotiate the potential rescheduling of the interview with your recruiters, try to use a certain tone of voice and use the right words. Try to avoid being too emotional saying that you’ve been waiting for this opportunity all your life and now you blew it. Be professional and make the statement in the appropriate way. Anyone can be in your position and the recruiters know it, as they might have experienced it themselves in the past.

So, try not to sound too down, but use your professional skills to ensure that they are missing on an excellent candidate. The result of you informing the recruiters that you cannot make it to the scheduled interview will be determined by their willingness to make an exception and chat with you during a time that may suit only you.

Appropriate follow-up

The other part of the job rescheduling would include giving an appropriate follow-up for the next meeting. Be concise with your words and try to make them believe that you are the perfect candidate for the job, just this time you have a problem. In addition, when you are determining what is the best follow-up for the next meeting, consider the necessities of your future employers. For example, give them a thank-you note for dedicating their precious time for rescheduling a meeting just with you.

This will be done to show that you understand the nature of the company and specifically how busy they are. Therefore, try to convey the responsibilities into your appreciation towards your potential colleagues by thanking them appropriately.

If not successful just try again

The worst that can happen is that you will not get rescheduled and you will lose the opportunity. However, do not feel down and keep searching for other opportunities on different sources. In the future, you will possibly be a victim of an expected illness which will force you to cancel the dream job interview. But by reading advice from experienced job recruiters, you will know how to effectively deal with unwanted situations during your job search.

Overall, this article showed what might have already told you. Yet, every piece of advice is good to get, and the circumstances regarding getting the interview rescheduled could prove to be very hard. So, try to follow every possible suggestion and inform yourself with the necessary information. You could pass your experience by commenting in the section below to make sure some readers do not miss out on some essential parts of rescheduling an interview.