Important Winter Car Care Tips

The winter season may be months ahead if you live in the northern hemisphere. If you live in the southern hemisphere, winter is already here. In any case, it’s important to be prepared for winter car care well in advance. As the temperatures plunge, your car would require extra care. Here are several important winter car care tips all car owners must know about:

Check the Car’s Climate Control System

Cars have their own climate control systems. It’s not used for most parts of the year. Therefore, it’s very important to have it looked at before the winter months roll around. The climate control system keeps you warm when the temperatures are cold and keeps the windows from fogging from body heat. In addition, have the window defroster looked at by a mechanic as well. The last thing you need is iced windows in the middle of the road. The climate control system and the window defroster are essential for winter driving, so take particular care to have these looked at.

Get a Survival Kit

Make sure there’s a survival kit in an accessible area of your car at all times during the winter months. Hopefully, you will never need it. But it’s better to be prepared than sorry. You never know when you could be stuck in the middle of the road during a snowstorm. You will need supplies like blankets, flashlights, water, some canned food, chargers, and a first aid kit. Pack a knife, jumper cables, shovels, and anything else you might need as well. The engine or the trunk can get frozen shut in the cold, so keep the survival kit in the back of the car in a place you can access without having to get out.

Store Nice Cars in a Garage

If you have another car or a vehicle, it’s smart to keep them stored during the winter months. The winter can be harsh on some nice all-wheel drives. If you prominently use one car for summer, have it stored in the colder months to protect parts. You can contact self storage in Winnipeg for safe and reliable options. Some places, like self-storage company Winnipeg, offers multiple options to store cars and boats that could get damaged in winter.

Schedule Tire Maintenance

You may need to change your tires for the winters. Unlike in the summer, winter tires must be able to brake and turn optimally. Also, winter tires are built to withstand really cold temperatures. So a tire change is a must for the colder months. It’s important to keep in mind that tire pressure drops along with the temperature in winter. It’s not smart to drive in winter with low-pressure tires. So go to an auto mechanic and have the tire pressure checked as well.

Test the Battery

The battery must work extra hard in the colder months than during warmer months. Batteries that are weak in summer can go dead in winter. So don’t start the season without during a voltage test of your car’s battery.

Follow the above tips to avoid nasty surprises in the winter.